A year of Inoki:Deep keeping the music real in NYC

Lauren Krieger

Inoki:Deep celebrates their 1st birthday by bringing big names and classic sound back to NYC

In the span of only a year, Inoki:Deep has been bringing notable and memorable events to the New York City landscape, featuring DJs that represent the essence and energy of the valuable nightlife scene. In a city with such a rich history in electronic music, particularly in the deep underground, NYC has been struggling with gentrification that pushes out the authentic venues and DJs. Covering the ground that has been lost, Inoki:Deep has been creating events that bring those underground vibes back to the city, hosting international and local DJs who have the music as their guide, at venues that provide unique and distinctive experiences. From 16 Bit Lolitas, to Pole Folder, to Cid Inc & Darin Epsilon, Inoki:Deep has been bringing in some heavy hitting DJs, so it’s no surprise that their first anniversary will be taking it even further.

On Saturday August 27th, John Creamer, Omid 16B, Satoshi Tomiie, and Pole Folder are coming in to celebrate, with locals Mark Cobián and Wild Dark leading the way for an all day event at Watermark Bar.

First, congrats on the anniversary! This is a huge show you’ve got lined up, was there anything that inspired you to choose these particular DJs for this event?

My whole team grew up listening to all of these DJ’s—Satoshi Tomiie, John Creamer, Omid 16B helped define the NYC sound w/their productions at the parties we were going to (Tenaglia @ Vinyl, JP @ SF, etc) —Having the chance to book all these guys for one party, especially our Anniversary is special to us. Pole Folder did such an amazing job back in January that we decided to add him on this as well- Our friends Wild Dark & Mark Cobián will be warming up.

What has been one of your favorite moments for Inoki:Deep in this past year?

Eli & Fur were fantastic in BK- Tons of Energy & they had the crowd in the palm of their hands all night – Martin Roth @ the now defunct Santos Basement was another one  I’ll never forget… He’s one of our personal favorites at the moment.

Do you feel that your vision and goals for Inoki:Deep have remained the same from the beginning? How have your first year’s events fulfilled these?

I’m not sure we ever had a specific vision, 6 months to 1 year is  enough time for a lot of things to change in dance music these days – So trying to stick to one particular path could work against you- One thing we always try and do is keep it fresh w/the artists we are booking.

How have you seen the NYC electronic music scene changing in the last year? Has that affected your experiences?

We’ve seen a lot of people’s taste start to change over time, many people I know that may have listened to more mainstream commercial stuff grow out of it after a couple years and start delving into more obscure stuff.

People are definitely more aware of a wide variety of artists than they ever have been.

What role do you think Inoki:Deep plays within the underground scene?

I’m not entirely sure, we throw some trance events as well as the deeper stuff—And I think we’ve been exposing that trance crowd to the more deeper sounds & they’ve really been getting into it. Combine that with a different scene of people that go out for the deeper stuff and I think the vibe at the parties speaks for itself. For me the key to a great party is always about bringing different groups of people together and I’d like to think we’ve been doing that with all of our parties.

What are your plans for Inoki:Deep’s second year?

Well we have a residency w/Martin Roth, he’ll be playing with a special guest for each party – We have him w/Danny Howells in October @ Cielo—Really looking fwd to that one.
More announcements to come.

The details:

Saturday August 27
Inoki Party presents

INOKI:DEEP 1 Year Anniversary
featuring music by

John Creamer
Omid 16B
Pole Folder
Satoshi Tomiie
Mark Cobián
Wild Dark

@ Watermark Patio
78 South Street, NYC

Doors: 1-11pm

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