A Day in the Life of Oliver Huntemann

Lauren Krieger

Oliver Huntemann takes us through a day of work, friends, music, and food in Hamburg.

Coming from techno ground zero, Oliver Huntemann’s style is a reflection of his origins and surroundings. Described as “bare and stripped back to the metallic core”, Oliver’s music follows the philosophy that less is more, while always returning to the base and not being afraid of getting a little dirty. After 15 years of running Confused Recordings (along with several sub labels), he launched Ideal Audio, a label that has seen many successful albums and releases including Oliver Huntemann’s critically acclaimed “H-3” album and the “Elements” series in partnership with Dubfire. Continuing this success, his following album “Paranoia” solidified his position as one of techno’s most sought after artists, with his PLAY! series giving listeners a taste of what makes him such a remarkable DJ. Through everything, Oliver has remained true to the music, and true to his home. As his bio states:

His epicenter is, and will remain, the north. Hamburg, to be exact. This is where he produces his music and it is from here that he sets out into the world, thrilling the populous with his DJ sets.”

So let’s head off to Hamburg ourselves, as Oliver Huntemann takes us through a day in his life:

2015_03_27_0159-kopierenI live in Hamburg. Germany‘s Gateway to the world. It has the country’s biggest port and the second-busiest in Europe. Located about 100 kilometres away from the North Sea. Hamburg is famous to be the most green town in Germany and proud of its status as a “Free and Hanseatic City”. If I sleep too long, I‘ll be woken up with a tender nudge by my dog Luna. Funnywise she is a morning grouch, so most of the times, I‘ll wake her up for a morning walk alongside the Elbe river, after I drunk my tea and took a shower.

2015_03_27_0023-kopierenI love our morning walks. Like to use the fresh air and silence to structure my ideas and sort my thoughts, before the day starts. Afterwards we either hit to the office or studio, depends on what is scheduled for the week.

2015_03_27_0137-kopieren2015_03_27_0247-kopierenAfter browsing through my emails and messages, sorting them in order of importance, I start to reply the emails. Once I have an overview of what needs to be done and made my decisions, I call in my team for a coffee break and delegate the work. We drop our ideas together, do a quick brainstorming and everyone goes back to business.

2015_03_27_0189-kopierenI‘d like to get the bureaucratic and administrative work off the table before afternoon. Then I take a little break, walk around the block, grab some lunch, mostly a dish of the day in one the many cafe‘s around the corner, before I return to my desk and take care of music. Taking care of music sounds probably a bit unclear, but it depends on the day and my mood. If I am not working in the studio, I listen to demos for Senso Sounds, sort my promotion folder, buy music or archive new ideas for my own productions.

2015_03_27_0146As boring as it sounds and as normal as it is, when the work is done, I‘m hungry. My good friend and manager Ekki is a true gourmet. I have no idea when he actually works, because it feels like he‘s checking up food locations all day long, telling me about various new spots where we have to go every day. Last week he came up with this wonderful Pastrami Sandwich Shop “Luncheonette”. A little bit of Brooklyn in Hamburg. “Luncheonette” serves the big Sandwich-Classics like Philly Cheese Steak or Reuben Pastrami in Hamburg and Brooklyn and it‘s definitely worth going there. Sometimes we have dinner and simply talk about everything what comes to our minds. I don‘t like going out that much and really enjoy my spare time with friends at home, since i‘m not so often here. I like to alternate my evenings with dinner, playing playstation, watching football with my boys, inviting friends for barbecue, reading a book, relaxing in the bath or on the couch before heading to bed and listen to the dogs snoring.

2015_03_27_0008-22015_03_27_0029-2Photography by Julian Erksmeyer // www.erksmeyer.de

Now that you’ve got a feel for a day in his life, listen to Oliver Huntemann’s FRISKY Artist of the Week special! Premiering March 31 2015 @ 2PM EST / 8PM Hamburg [convert timezone]

Tune In: Oliver Huntemann – FRISKY Artist of the Week

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