A Day In The Life of Catori

Lauren Krieger

Earlier this year, FRISKY News caught up with Meagan Farrell aka Catori before her popular X-Chrome Guest Mix, which has reached 16K listeners and counting. Her truly diverse approach to music that combines acoustic and electronic instruments and ranges from ambient soundscapes to tribal house results in mixes that inspire deep introspection and immersion. And now with the launch of her own show “Catori Sessions” on FRISKY’s DEEP channel, listeners will have the opportunity to get lost in the stories she tells through sound every first Thursday of the month starting on November 5th. Tune in live at 6 PM EST [convert timezone] or listen on-demand in hi-res with FRISKY Premium.

Before the premiere, Meagan gives us a look behind the scenes of her daily experiences as a multi-talented musician, actress, stuntwoman, and more. Read on and get ready to go deep into the music with Catori Sessions.

Photographer credit: Daniel Murtagh

When asked about a “normal” day in my life, I felt unsure of how to answer. No one day is quite the same. So instead I decided to cover the routine I attempt to follow wherever I find myself in the world. This (of course) is subject to the craziness that accompanies a life in music… including the not-so-infrequent sunrise.

I believe it’s important to create a “home” space when traveling. I try to bring along some comfort items and prefer to set up my space when I first arrive by hanging clothes in the closet and placing some personal items around the space. My days are mostly spent between New York City, retreats/festivals, and my home and music studio in upstate New York.

My morning always starts with coffee. I’m a true New Yorker and love a strong brew (french press is where it’s at). I try to write ‘morning pages’ daily. This is a practice where you try to fill three pages with ‘stream of consciousness’ writing. It’s a really good way to clear my head and organize what I’d like to do, as well as process any creative ideas that might surface. 

Next, I usually check my email, submit to any acting auditions, and tape any auditions I’ve received from my agent. Sometimes I’ll also have some voiceover work to record at home. At some point I try to fit in either an hour of yoga, a hike, bike ride, or some dancing. It really depends on what is available wherever I am at the time. 

After spending time in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle, I very much value my time in nature. I try to spend part of my day either by the water, bathing in the sun, or walking through the forest. I also keep a vast array of plants in my home.


When traveling, I like to keep my recorder handy, so I can capture sounds to use in my music. I also love collecting uncommon instruments. When I can find the time, I’ll try to dedicate a few consecutive days to music production. I find it easiest to create when I have extended and uninterrupted blocks of time. When I am not working with electronic music, I facilitate sound meditations and have a beautiful collection of harmonic overtone emitting instruments in my home studio.

I also have an incredible therapist and trauma focused body worker. I find that regular focus on self-improvement deeply impacts my music, relationships, and life as a whole. Outside of my daily commitments, I love a chance to explore and seek adventure wherever I go. I love finding new towns, abandoned structures, cozy cafes, mountain summits, or new friends. When the day is done, I love to settle and get cozy with an interesting book. My most recent find is, “How to Change Your Mind” by Michael Pollan.

Catch the premiere of Catori Sessions November 5th @ 6 PM EST [convert timezone]