7 Reasons why you must go to the FRISKY ADE party

Lauren Krieger

In case you haven’t decided to go to the “must see” event of ADE yet, we think this list will help convince you why there’s no party like a FRISKY party. If the stellar lineup, the non-stop music from a variety of genres, the chance to meet the crew, and best underground electronic music around is not enough for you, let’s try these:

1. You can leave ADE early since the best event of the conference is on the first day. Your cats probably miss you.

2. There will be no goats there. Unless you’re into goats, in which case we suggest you check out Geitenboerderij Ridammerhoeve.

3. Meet the team behind FRISKY. Take a selfie with them. No selfie sticks allowed tho.

4. Come drink a beer with the FRISKY staff. Your treat.

5. Put your Netflix binge watching skills to good use by binge watching DJs.

6. Meet cooler people than the friends you left back home.

7. Experience “Feelin’ FRISKY” on the dance floor.

Are you ready?? Check out the event page & get there early to make sure you don’t miss out on the action! #FRISKYADE