Inside 11 Years of 6th Auditorium with Andrea Cassino

Lauren Krieger

Andrea Cassino’s 6th Auditorium has been a FRISKY fan favorite for eleven years now, its 2-hour format allowing for Andrea to feature not only his own fresh mixes, but guest mixes from a variety of established and groundbreaking DJs. Its distinctly underground sound covers a range of deep, melodic, and driving styles, with an aim to present the music that represents the best of the scene. With creativity as his motivating force, he uses the format of the FRISKY platform to allow him to spread his sound beyond boundaries.

In the last eleven years, Andrea Cassino has continued to focus on always learning, growing, and sharing all that he loves. Listen to his Anniversary mix on-demand now, and catch up with Andrea as we celebrate a decade + 1 of 6th Auditorium.

What is new & exciting in your world?

I’m a person extremely curious, what I don’t know I try learn and understand, about music production I’m absolutely self-taught. Thanks to my curiosity since I started to produce music I learned Cubase Logic and Ableton Live. Nowadays I’m constantly watching tutorials about mastering and plug ins to improve my experience, so for me what is new is exciting at the same time.

What do you think are the key things which make 6th Auditorium special?

Don’t know if there is a key but anytime I have to record my show 6th Auditorium I spend a lot of time to select music into a big variety of genres so I have the possibility to be more relaxed, that I can to give to creativity the priority.

What are you most proud of in your 11 years of 6th Auditorium?

I started my show 6th Auditorium in July 2007 with my first project Cassino & Laben and when we got the invitation to have our own show we decided to grab 2 hours into Frisky Radio with the possibility to invite a guest each month, of course to invite well known artists but also new to give them the possibility to show to the world their talent. I like to give space to the new talents because when I started to make music I remember how much difficult and frustrating it was find someone willing to listen to you but when it happened I filled myself with positive energy to continue to concentrate on my music.

What do you enjoy most about creating your show?

What I enjoy most about creating my show is absolutely the complete freedom to select music of any kind, even ambient and downtempo for example, which you can not always do when you play live in front of the dancefloor full of people who want to dance and have fun.

Do you have any favorite producers or labels that you are turning to lately?

In this moment I like a lot of artists but lately the tracks which can not miss in my set are from Rick Pier O’neil, GMJ, Forerunners, Greenage, Subandrio and more. Each of these artists perfectly reflect the sound I like, dark, deep and mysterious elements but at the same time melodic situations that leave you breathless.

Can you share 3 of your favorite tracks from the last 11 years?

Guy J – Equinox
Guy Mantzur & Then – Moments Becoming Endless Time feat. Kamila
Cid Inc – Shifter

Listen to the 11th Anniversary of 6th Auditorium on-demand now with FRISKY Premium:

Andrea Cassino – 6th Auditorium