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Taking a look back on the year of FRISKY 2018, it’s amazing to see the variety of shows that each do such a wonderful job of covering the wide spectrum of underground sounds. From dark and moody to light and dreamy, the DJs of FRISKY find a way to bring the best electronic music to the world through their creative and inspired sets. While long-time FRISKY favorites were hitting their 5, 7, even 10 year anniversaries this year, some of our new additions have already made their ways into the hearts of our global audience. We’re so grateful for all of the FRISKY family around the world who join us in listening all day, every day – we are happy to be your Home for Underground Electronic Music.

In recognition of those shows who made the biggest impact in 2018, we present the top mixes (highest reach), top shows (highest average reach) and favorite mixes & artists (favorited on our mobile app) from the FRISKY channel.

#1 : Martin Garcia – Cabin Pressure – July

Reach: 21,078

Martin Garcia’s July episode of Cabin Pressure leads the pack in 2018, as he proves again why his atmospheric, deep progressive sound has been a fan favorite for over five years. By transporting you through a mix of floating melodies and driving beats, Martin Garcia knows how to deliver the underground sound that FRISKY listeners love. His chart topping July mix is a super smooth experience that encourages repeated plays to get lost in again & again. [Listen Now]

#2: Deepsense – Voyager – March

Reach: 19,715

The duo behind Deepsense knows how to make a mix that sticks with you, their show Voyager continually a favorite of the FRISKY audience and staff alike. Their aptly chosen show name lets you know what to expect when you press play, with smooth sailing journeys taking you deep into space. The March episode invites you into a darker trip, with tech-laden infusions that lead to a euphoric experience over a 2 hour span. [Listen Now]

#3: Yuriy From Russia – Voice of Nature – July

Reach: 19,485

Voice of Nature features Yuriy From Russia’s distinctive blend of melodic progressive, combining dark atmospheres with rolling flows that always reach deep while going beyond the usual expectations of sound. His July set features tracks from fellow FRISKY DJs Daraspa, Amber Long, Paul Sawyer, Nick Muir & Nick Warren, drawing in a huge global reach with its diverse and driving rhythms. [Listen Now]


1Cabin PressureMartin GarciaJuly21,078Listen Now
2VoyagerDeepsenseMarch19,715Listen Now
3Voice of NatureYuriy From RussiaJuly19,485Listen Now
4Suffused DiarySuffusedMay19,036Listen Now
5Shadow AnimalsJaap LigthartSeptember18,921Listen Now
6ProvocateurSahar ZApril18,449Listen Now
7DestinationsPole FolderJune17,562Listen Now
8FatalistDigital DepartmentApril17,622Listen Now
9ProvocateurStelios VassiloudisFebruary17,275Listen Now
10FatalistDigital DepartmentJuly17,206Listen Now
11OxygenDaria FominaMay16,843Listen Now
12Mestiza RecordsNicolas CoronelNovember16,378Listen Now
13VoyagerDeepsenseJuly16,117Listen Now
14UnisonLoquaiOctober16,106Listen Now
15Artist of the WeekArrabJuly15,971Listen Now
16VoyagerDeepsenseAugust15,961Listen Now
17PassageHassan RassmyAugust15,908Listen Now
15,863Listen Now
19FatalistDigital DepartmentAugust15,673Listen Now
20Cabin PressureMartin GarciaOctober15,336Listen Now
21OblivionNicolas RadaSeptember15,275Listen Now
22AllureNiki SadekiAugust15,122Listen Now
23Hurly BurlyFady FerrayeAugust14,786Listen Now
24DeepsessionsAthanJanuary14,653Listen Now
25Sudam WorldKintarFebruary14,648Listen Now

#1: Voyager

Avg Reach: 18,439

Sparked by a mutual desire to share the most current and innovative tracks, the Deepsense duo Tabriz & Michael Zuckermann have brought their experience as DJs and promoters in Russia together to reach a global audience who have fallen for the team’s unique and universal storytelling through sound. With an average reach of over 18K and 16 appearances on the Top 10 charts, Voyager tops the list of FRISKY’s most popular shows. [Listen Now]

#2: Dreamers

Avg Reach: 18,056

A FRISKY staple since 2009, it’s no surprise to see that Fernando Ferreyra’s Dreamers is a favorite of listeners 9 years later. His deep progressive sets full of melody and harmony have earned the appreciation of fans from around the globe, and have made Dreamers a must-listen every month. I think it’s safe to say that Fernando has achieved his goal as shared in his FRISKY News interview: “I always want people to hear [Dreamers] with the same love with which I do when I mix it.” [Listen Now]

#3: Fatalist

Avg Reach: 16,116

Dark Progressive and Progressive Breaks set the tone for Digital Department’s Fatalist, a show that encourages listeners to get lost in the deep grooves and hard rhythms that define the show’s seductive style. With a over 184K streams this year and 172K listening hours, Fatalist inspires return visits to the show’s impressive catalog of hard-hitting, soul-reaching sets. Face your fate and get lost in the depths of Fatalist’s journeys through the beauty of the darkness. [Listen Now]


ShowAvg ReachLink
1Voyager18,439Listen Now
2Dreamers18,056Listen Now
3Fatalist16,116Listen Now
4Mestiza Records13,950Listen Now
5Inception13,435Listen Now
6Allure12,809Listen Now
7Acid Dimension12,502Listen Now
8Deepsessions11,495Listen Now
9Artist of the Week11,347Listen Now
10Oxygen11,111Listen Now
11Smash11,044Listen Now
12SEVENTEEN10,914Listen Now
13Flux10,899Listen Now
14Voice of Nature10,373Listen Now
15Oblivion10,151Listen Now
16Labyrinth10,028Listen Now
17Provocateur9,948Listen Now
18Destinations9,912Listen Now
19Immersed9,906Listen Now
20Universal9,897Listen Now
21Movement9,877Listen Now
22Slow Motion9,844Listen Now
23Damascus Underground Session9,449Listen Now
24Subliminal9,147Listen Now
25Suffused Diary8,905Listen Now

#1: Fernando Ferreyra

The dreamers who have followed along Fernando Ferreyra’s journey are as dedicated as they come. Tuning in every month, those who love the deep progressive journey from Argentina’s thriving underground scene have found a lasting favorite in Fernando Ferreyra. [Listen Now]

#2: Digital Department

Coming from another thriving progressive scene is Russia’s Arseniy Somotov aka Digital Department. A darker perspective on the sound, Digital Department brings distinctive beats that invite listeners into his world. His unique and driving sets have made his sets a favorite for lovers of the depths. [Listen Now]

#3: Deepsense

The mysterious Deepsense duo brings a mix of melodies, grace, and power to their Voyager show with every episode. Always encapsulating the essence of adventure through sound, Deepsense encourages listeners to tune in from start to finish to truly appreciate the voyage of discovery. [Listen Now]


1Fernando Ferreyra
2Digital Department
4Pole Folder
5Marcelo Vasami
6Nicolas Coronel
Coskun Simsek
9Christian Monique

#1: Artist of the Week

As the Home for Underground Electronic Music, FRISKY looks forward to bringing our listeners the best of the underground sound. Whether ground breaking or well established artists, our weekly Artist of the Week show gives us the opportunity to share those who are making an impact on the industry and whose music needs to be heard. [Listen Now]

#2: Dreamers

With 210K streams, 467K hours listened, and 13 appearances on the Top 10 charts, Dreamers also appears as one of our fans’ favorite shows. Having been on FRISKY for almost 10 years, it’s wonderful to see that the show continues to impress listeners year after year. [Listen Now]

#3: Fatalist

Digital Department has continued to push the boundaries of Fatalist, bringing in a new global audience of listeners and pleasing long-lasting fans with underground electronic music to grab your attention and take you dark & deep. [Listen Now]


1Artist of the Week
6Suffused Diary
7RPO Records Session