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The DEEP channel features an eclectic mix of forward thinking, creative, and unique shows which blend together for a seamless exploration into the true depths of underground electronic music. From deep house grooves to dark techno beats, each show has a distinctive perspective which is shared through meaningful music, introducing listeners to something new with every listen.

Here we present the top mixes (highest reach), top shows (highest average reach) and favorite mixes & artists (Favorited on our mobile app) from the DEEP channel.

#1 : Christian Voldstad – Elysium – April

Reach: 24,715

Christian Voldstad first made an appearance on FRISKY as a guest on the excellent Bespoke Musik show; his creative and cerebral style catching the ears of tens of thousands of global listeners who related to his distinctive sound. His April mix was the premiere of his own show “Elysium”, setting the stage for what would become one of the most popular shows on DEEP in less than a year. [Listen Now]

#2: Wild Dark – Into The Madlands – March

Reach: 21,583

Also introduced by Bepoke Musik (their first set with a reach of over 33K now!), Wild Dark has been sharing their underground sound on DEEP for over 2 years. The Negrin brothers have a way of mixing genres that keeps you flowing freely from start to finish, with never a dull moment in between. I had such a great time talking with them for FRISKY Talk 015, their passion for the music somehow stronger than ever. Check out this special March mix and experience the love for yourself. [Listen Now]

#3: The Alleys – We Are All Astronauts – August

Reach: 21,225

We Are All Astronauts joined FRISKY last January, bringing beautiful mixes throughout the year which have each taken the listener on a unique & all encompassing journey. You never know what to expect with his sets, his music ranging from soothing ambient to dark tech, rolling progressive and nostalgic grooves, always with a cohesive story inviting you to explore the world beyond expectations. [Listen Now]


1ElysiumChristian VoldstadApril24,715Listen Now
2Into The MadlandsWild DarkMarch21,583
Listen Now
3The AlleysWe Are All AstronautsAugust21,225Listen Now
4Bespoke MusikWild DarkJune20,536Listen Now
5Electric FictionDaniel CurpenJanuary20,480Listen Now
6EternoMidnight TrafficJanuary20,029Listen Now
7Bespoke MusikChristian VoldstadApril19,769Listen Now
8ReflectionsNiki McNallyJanuary18,664Listen Now
9Bespoke MusikElias DoréJanuary18,429Listen Now
10Sullivan Room SessionsDomingo CavaMay18,387Listen Now
11Bespoke MusikYoni YarchiAugust17,952Listen Now
12Into The MadlandsWild DarkJanuary17,856Listen Now
132DC+1Rob KeithJanuary17,268Listen Now
14Into The MadlandsDriss SkaliFeburary16,965Listen Now
15HarmonicsTripswitchOctober16,678Listen Now
16ReflectionsNiki McNallyApril16,040Listen Now
17FordelBaezJuly15,923Listen Now
18EternoMidnight TrafficJuly
15,438Listen Now
19Deeper PurposeSOUL COLLECTIVEMarch15,374Listen Now
20Into The MadlandsWild DarkAugust15,145Listen Now
21HarmonicsTripswitchAugust14,931Listen Now
22HarmonicsTripswitchMarch14,779Listen Now
23ElysiumChristian VoldstadJune14,448Listen Now
24MoonlightSebastian BustoOctober14,325Listen Now
25NaturalBodaiNovember14,312Listen Now

#1: Niki McNally – Reflections

Avg Reach: 19,337

Niki McNally’s Reflections may only air quarterly, but its impact on FRISKY’s listeners lasts throughout the year, with fans returning again & again to tune into its lasting messages. With her thoughtfully and lovingly crafted sets enrapturing from start to finish, we can be sure that there is much more to come from this DEEP artist and her reflections on music & life. [Listen Now]

#2: Rob Keith – 2DC+1

Avg Reach: 17,359

As a DEEP pioneer, Rob Keith’s 2DC+1 remains at the top of the channel’s most popular shows. His talent for mixing dark seductive beats that range across the house and techno spectrum is showcased through each distinctive episode, with emotion and imagination always driving the journey. For those who want even more, Rob’s frequent [Re]Live sets capture his experiences sharing those smooth NY underground grooves with the dance floor. [Listen Now]

#3: Christian Voldstad – Elysium

Avg Reach: 16,079

With only 5 episodes, Elysium has already made an impression on the DEEP audience through its artful blend of soul reaching sounds. As the paradise to which heroes who the gods favored were sent, or simply “a place or state of perfect happiness”, Elysium invites everyone to embrace their own bit of bliss if only for 2 hours. [Listen Now]


ShowAvg ReachLink
1Reflections19,337Listen Now
22DC+117,359Listen Now
3Elysium16,079Listen Now
4Into The Madlands14,797Listen Now
5Moonlight13,610Listen Now
6Harmonics13,558Listen Now
7Blue Monday12,473Listen Now
8Natural12,472Listen Now
9The Alleys11,515Listen Now
10No Eyes All Ears11,160Listen Now
11Bespoke Musik11,119Listen Now
12Electric Fiction10,847Listen Now
13Eterno10,768Listen Now
14Sonic10,624Listen Now
15Fordel10,296Listen Now
16Deeper Purpose10,047Listen Now
17HawtnBothered10,045Listen Now
18Syzygy9,991Listen Now
19Halcyon9,879Listen Now
20Dynamics9,527Listen Now
21Sullivan Room Sessions8,963Listen Now
22Facets8,717Listen Now
23Harmony8,452Listen Now
24Nightlights8,001Listen Now
25Polarity7,814Listen Now

#1: Tripswitch

With his unique dark tech house and deep progressive blend, Tripswitch has created a distinctive sound, showcased monthly on his show Harmonics. Combining sonic elements with soul and precision, Tripswitch always brings something extra to his mixes, making them a favorite for a global following of listeners. [Listen Now]

#2: Kevin Shiu

Kevin Shiu has been bringing the freshest in the underground to FRISKY listeners for over 10 years, his show Blue Monday is always a must-listen, with creative tracks that get to your core, mixing thoughtful and dance-able tracks from deep to hard all in one unique 2 hour package. With 11 appearances on the Top 10 charts and 153K streams, we know that our audience is ready for another 10 years of Blue Monday magic. [Listen Now]

#3: Wild Dark

With mixes featured on Bespoke Musik, [Re]Live, and of course their own Into the Madlands, Wild Dark remain one of the favorites for those who love eclectic electronic music that takes you deep into seductive sounds. The duo is ramping up their releases this year, and we know there is much more to come for the continual evolution of their expressions, as they keep bringing us DEEP into their musical minds. [Listen Now]


2Kevin Shiu
3Wild Dark
4Rob Keith
5Midnight Traffic
6Mike Haddad
7We Are All Astronauts
8Christian Voldstad
9Niki McNally

#1: Bespoke Musik

Introducing many DEEP artists to the roster, Bespoke Musik is a must-listen for fans of the experimental side, featuring hypnotic electronic music that gets into your head and sticks with you all day & all night long. With guest mixes from selective DJs who personify the essence of DEEP through creative, forward thinking, and mind expanding music, it’s no surprise to see that it’s a favorite of the channel’s listeners. [Listen Now]

#2: Into the Madlands

With a top mix, top show, and as a favorite artist, we can expect to see that Wild Dark’s Into The Madlands tops the favorite shows list. Not only featuring the Wild Dark brothers, the show also been an excellent curator of DEEP music, featuring popular guest mixes that include D’arksy, Bobi Stevkovski, and Kevin Duane. [Listen Now]

#3: Harmonics

For 2 years, Harmonics has been a favorite of listeners, showcasing Tripswitch’s experienced ear for quality and distinctive sounds that manage to both pay homage to the past and give us a peek into the future of underground electronic music. With 176K streams, 97K hours, and 9 appearances on the Top 10 Charts, Harmonics has truly been making an impact with DEEP’s worldwide audience. [Listen Now]


1Bespoke Musik
2Into The Madlands
4Blue Monday
5KDB Records
7Coccolino Deep
8Electric Fiction
10Deeper Purpose