Flowing Through the First Year of Fenix

Lauren Krieger

Alec Araujo recollects on a year of Fenix on FRISKY

In the past year, Brazilian DJ & Producer Alec Araujo has been continuing to grow, making his impact on the industry felt across the globe. With some huge releases on labels like Clinique Recordings, Suffused Music, Just Movement, OLD SQL Records, and many more, Alec’s polished Progressive sound has been making waves. He’s also been playing at venues across Brazil, road testing his new tracks and sharing the music of others who inspire him. It’s this desire to share the music which truly drives his FRISKY show Fenix, and has created the atmosphere of passion and play that has been drawing in listeners for the past year. Now as he celebrates a year of Fenix, Alec gives us some thoughts into the past as he gets ready for what’s next.

Listen to the anniversary episode of Fenix at 3PM EST / 4PM Brazil [convert timezone] on August 13th or listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium.

What is your favorite part of hosting Fenix?

I believe it would be the selection of songs for each show. I always want to play the best to the listener. They are the most important part of the whole cycle.

What are you most proud of accomplishing in this last year?

It is to know that each edition of Fenix has a particular characteristic and that this identity has been improving over time.

Do you have any highlight moments you can share?

Having received messages from people around the world who follow the work being done with the music and know that somehow this musical connection makes them more happy. It’s always exciting when someone says to you: “Thanks for your music” or “I love your music”. People say they connect and relate to my music because it touches the spiritual side of them and they flow by it. Things like this show me that I’m on the right track.

Can you give us your top 5 favorite tracks from the first year of Fenix?

Talking about only 5 is really a difficult task. There are many songs and producers that I admire and I am extremely grateful to receive your songs every day. But these songs have a sound that exemplifies the identity of Fenix:

Vangelis – Rachel’s Song (Deeparture Edit)

Pranav Mayekar – Apollonia (GMJ Interplanetary Mix) – Soundteller Records

Budakid – Memories – Lost & Found

Steve McGrath And Immersense – Fused – Keep Thinking

Ultraverse – Sphere – Pro B Tech

What are you currently excited about within the music?

I am studying more and more music and also practicing singing lessons. This brought me knowledge to other areas within the production of electronic music. Another thing to realize is that music is changing on a global platform as a whole. its getting more musical, centralized and accepted in all genres by people with a lot of conviction and feeling. This will bring stronger emotions to the people on the dance floor.

What do you feel inspired by lately?

Music inspires me. But definitely is the connection I’ve had with music. It is much stronger, spiritual, more beautiful and more intense than before. Something has changed and for the better. Through my music, I will continue to grow as an artist and always be learning new techniques to be able to travel across globally.

What is featured on your anniversary set?

New artists that amazed me with such talent.

Being able to express their music at Fenix makes me happy.

Tune into the anniversary episode of Fenix at 3PM EST / 4PM Brazil [convert timezone] on August 13th or listen on-demand anytime after with FRISKY Premium & on FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Alec Araujo – Fenix