We threw a party and 2,325,291 people came


2,325,291 – Thats the number of people (thats YOU!) that tuned into the friskyRadio streams in September 2009. Thats 2 million, 325 thousand and 291 people. As much as some cities!

While the number is staggering and we are humbled that so many of you love the music and that our DJs play each and every day for you, we’re not stopping any time soon. Behind the scenes are have been hard at work on the next-generation friskyRadio website. The website redesign project has been in flight since at least summer 2007, when the idea first came into our minds… However, things, other things and most of all our “real lives” got in the way. Remember friskyRadio still continues to be a “side project” and this is not something that we do full-time unlike so many other radio stations in this space. However, we feel the time has come and it is now to take friskyRadio to the next level.

So cheers to all 2,325,291 of you for coming to this little freaky party we call friskyRadio. The best is yet to come… Until then – stay frisky!