Luke Brancaccio

We Push Buttons with Luke Brancaccio

Lauren Krieger

A DJ who has been there and done that, Luke Brancaccio has rocked dance floors across four continents and in front of crowds of 50K strong, held a residency at the original Silent Noise parties in India, played at the legendary Creamfields in Buenos Aires and found himself featured in between Sasha and Digweed at DJ Mag’s Top 100 Awards. His tracks have been released on renowned labels including Bedrock, Platipus, and Stripped Recordings, and his record “A Lovely Day” hit 14 on Top Of The Pops and #1 in the American Billboard charts. Through all of this notoriety and experience, today Luke finds himself more passionate about the music than ever as he continues to push his craft and career into the future.

With the launch of his new show “We Push Buttons” on FRISKY, Luke Brancaccio has a new global avenue to showcase his fresh finds and refined creations. Premiering live on June 7th @ 1 PM EST [convert timezone], you can listen anytime On-Demand with FRISKY Premium. Join FRISKY News as we learn more about this new adventure and hear some favorite moments from the past:

Thanks for catching up with us at FRISKY News for the launch of your new show “We Push Buttons”. You have to love that name. 😉 Is there a particular story behind it?

Glad you like it. I have had the name mulling around in my head for a while. I like the way suggests non conformance, being slightly different. It’s actually the name of a new track coming out on my forthcoming album which is on a rather huge label, more on that to be revealed later.

What has changed the most in your approach to production and DJing when you first began compared to today? What has remained consistent over time?

I take it a lot more seriously now, treat it more like a job rather than for granted. I used to enjoy the the fun and the notoriety more than the the art form. I enjoy and appreciate it way more now than I ever have. I’m very lucky to have it a my main and only job, especially after the way I have misbehaved in the past.

What was one of the first moments that drew you into wanting to pursue electronic music further?

I have always from as early as I can remember wanted to do something music related. My mother used to work at Island Records back in the “Bob Marley” days so she was a huge influence on me. I got into electronic music though the old Electro Albums which was a spin off from hip hop pretty much. It’s 100% in my blood.

What were some of the challenges you faced when you first began touring Internationally? What is one of your favorite memories from early gigs?

Just the normal of not being with friends and being slightly isolated, you tend to have weekend friends and stay most of the time in hotels but that is a small price to pay for having a fantastically fun job so I can’t ever complain.

So many amazing gigs, loved playing in Warung in Brazil and South America in general is just another level. Playing my first time sandwiched between Sasha then me then Digweed at the DJ Awards when John became no.1 was incredible and intimidating all at the same time. So many fantastic memories.

Has there been a time (or times) when you really felt that you had “made it” as an artist? Were there any times when you wanted to quit?

When my record ‘Lovely Day’ came out on Bedrock and then EMI that went to no 14 on Top Of The Pops and no.1 in the American Billboard charts was when I really noticed. I could literally pick and choose where I wanted to play. But things go up and down and luckily I’m back on top of my game again.

I rarely feel like quitting, it’s normally when I burn myself out from working too much.

What do you love doing the most when it comes to working with music?

I love it all. I’m in my element both when I’m in the studio or playing to thousands of people or even in a club that holds a 100 or even at an after party. Music motivates me to get up in the morning, it 100% fulfills me as cheesy as that sounds.

What is the most difficult part of your career today? If there was one task you could pass on to someone else, what would that be?

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Nothing is that difficult to be honest. I’d rather someone goes through the huge amount of promos I get (joke) and sorts out the good ones, also I hate sending my own records to labels, so having someone do that for me would be cool.

Do you have a favorite record of yours that has a special meaning or story that you can share?

As I mentioned above ‘Lovely Day’ was very special. Everything I do means something to me otherwise I wouldn’t put it out. Each tune is a certain part of your life and when you listen back to old tunes you have done all those memories coming flooding back and that’s pretty darn special.

Have any of your releases surprised you, where it became larger than you had imagined?

Yeah a few. A few years ago I did a tune with Simon Berry from Platipus called ‘Close Your Eyes’ on Bedrock which I thought was great but it went no.1 all over the place and really put me back in the game again. I have a lot to thank for that tune and also John Digweed for pushing me so much.

What are three words that represent “Luke Brancaccio” as an artist?

I’m not sure about 3 words but I’m a bit like a sloth with a firecracker up its arse.

What is most important to you when you produce a radio DJ mix / podcast? What are you looking forward to sharing with your We Push Buttons show?

As cliche as it sounds, I want to play slightly different to most, showcase stuff that is not run of the mill and whilst doing that, push a few buttons x