Wally Lopez: King of the Castle

Lauren Krieger

While the industry is on shut down, Wally Lopez continues to spread his endless energy and passion for the music to all who listen. Spending quality time at home with his family, he has re-launched his “lafactoria” label, released a new track, celebrated a birthday, recorded new music and streamed several live DJ sets. Always one to play to the crowd, you can still feel his vibes even through the distance. This is as true now as it was for his epic ICONYC TV set at Castello di Monselice in Italy, which FRISKY will be exclusively streaming in full for the first time on April 20th.

Also fitting for remembering a DJ set at a castle, Wally’s new record “The King is Back” (including remixes by Matt Caselli and David Jimenez and Piem and Richard Ulh) was just released last Friday.

Whether the king of his own castle or king for a day at Castello di Monselice, Wally will continue doing whatever he can to bring positivity, love, and good music, to the rest of the world.

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While I know it must be difficult to have to put a pause on your touring, you always seem to radiate such positivity and joy – I’d love to hear, what is something that makes you happy about your life right now?

As always, my family! We’ve been at home since March 10th but I always did my best to be with them as much as possible… so seen all 2gether and healthy makes me very happy.

Is there any advice that you would give DJs who may be struggling due to the industry shut down?

Dia 36.

We are family.
Get up everybody and sing!! 💚💚💚💚

We don’t know what is coming yet…. it’s gonna be fucking crazy… but support each other, listen to ur friends what they think and what are their problems… and tell them they are not alone… nobody is gonna help us but our people.

Do you have any projects brewing in the background that you can tell us about?

I had an amazing documentary project in the pipeline that is now stopped. 🙁 Also I signed a few amazing festivals and great spots that are also cancelled or in a stand by…. But, I re-launched again my label lafactoria records! First release is called the king is back (quite good for a castle set, isnt it?)

Can you give us a little behind-the-scenes insight on your experience creating your ICONYC TV episode? What did you enjoy most about it? What was it like playing at Italy’s Castello di Monselice?

The castle was amazing!!! Loved to play there!!! But what I enjoyed the most is being in Venice!! Was my very first time and I loved it!!!

I suppose that playing without a crowd was a bit of a precursor today’s “stay at home” sets… Do you find it challenging to play without the energy of a dance floor? How do you personally make it work?

I’m doing a radioshow the last 30 years so it’s pretty the same except the cameras… didn’t want to be too clown haahhaahha it’s true that I prefer my dancing moves when I play for a crowd in front.

What can you tell us about the set you played for ICONYC TV? Are there any special tracks you included or anything in particular you wanted to showcase?

It was recorded last year so everything was quite particular in that time, I had like a playlist for that day but the castle inspired me in another direction.

Are there any producers who you think are currently putting out some exceptional music?

Would love to send my words to some new Spanish producers as Yamil, The Other, Grazze, Irregular live, Richard Ulh, Piem… amazing talent here!

What is the first thing you are going to do when the doors open back up again? 😉

Going to hug my parents, then take a plane to Ibiza, rent a boat and dive in Formentera. 😍

Volveremos a viajar.Volveremos a abrazar.Volveremos a reir.Volveremos a besar.Volveremos a correr.Volveremos a…

Posted by Wally Lopez on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

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