Ultra Music Festival to feature Underground stage as a Resistance to EDM

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: UMF considers Underground a “Resistance” movement with its own stage at the 2015 festival.

Ultra Music Festival recently announced that they will be having a “Resistance Stage”, where DJs will be representing Underground electronic music, away from the bombardment of EDM. I’m excited to see this happening, although it really blows my mind to think of how far the industry has come from when I was at Ultra in 2003. This was the sound that you heard throughout the whole festival; the artists now a part of the “Resistance” were the ones on every stage. It’s interesting to notice that the music expected from a festival based around the tight-knit electronic music industry’s Winter Music Conference, had become so blown out of whack that these DJs are now considered “against the grain”.

UMF released this statement along with the announcement:

“It’s the urge to go against the grain, to step out of the box, to move away from the norm and challenge yourself to experience something new – to break down boundaries and barriers and abandon your comfort zone – to be able to open your eyes and ears to an undiscovered realm of electronic music.”


I’m very glad they are seeing enough demand to bring exposure back to the Underground, however the fact this is being treated as a new concept (an “undiscovered” realm) when this was the music that they used to play, messes with my head. Regardless, I think it must be a good thing overall. There have to be those out there who love the festival experience and love to dance, but are getting tired of the same EDM sound. Everyone is welcome to join the “Resistance” and come to where the music has soul, journeys are made, and the energy takes you to unexpected places.

I’d love to hear what you think, as there is a lot more of this subject to explore. Do trends always go so far that people get tired of it and return to the origins? Will we be seeing more festivals following this concept? Will EDM continue its stronghold while Underground is relegated to a side stage? Does it matter? 😉

Resistance Stage Lineup

Friday, March 27 (Listed by Set Time)
Maceo Plex
Tale of Us
Guy J
Mano Le Tough
DJ Tennis
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (DJ Set)

Saturday, March 28 (Listed by Set Time)
Guti (Live)
Joseph Capriati
Marco Bailey
Nic Fanculli
Joris Voorn
Chus & Ceballos

Sunday, March 29 (Listed by Set Time)
Jamie Jones
Art Department
The Martinez Brothers
Guy Gerber
Pete Tong
Martin Buttrich