Tuxedo finds destination on FRISKY with Crossroads

Lauren Krieger

Tuxedo joins FRISKY with the premiere of Crossroads

Raised by a family of musicians in Gdansk, Poland, Tuxedo grew up immersed in the music. After playing guitar and piano in his younger years, he dove into the electronic music world full force, DJing continuously and producing standout tracks for labels such as Particles, JOOF, Baroque, Movement and more. With a focus on deep and progressive sounds, Tuxedo creates and discovers music with melody, harmony, and drifting emotions. Along with releasing tracks which get major support across the globe, he is the founder of fast growing label “Electronic Tree”, which has featured releases from artists including Loquai, Lateral Cut Groove, Rick Pier O’Neil, Alfonso Muchacho and many more. Although he has achieved much already, his goal remains to constantly improve as a producer, perform live as much as possible, and to continue sharing his love of extraordinary club music – something that will be accomplished as he launches his new show on FRISKY: Crossroads.

A frequent guest on FRISKY, Tuxedo will now have his own space to share his passion across the globe. I caught up with him to learn more as he gets ready to launch:


What inspired your transition from traditional instruments like the guitar and piano to electronic music?

I wouldn’t call that a transition, my interest in electronic music was pretty much a completely different story. I used to attend my mother’s concerts (she is a violin player) since my childhood. Had a lot of contact with classical and symphonic music however my parents never put me on musical route in case of my education. I was just practicing to play instruments after school for few years. Passion for dj’ing and producing came a bit later. Ability of reading notes and even basic knowledge about music theory is of course very helpful in creating good harmonies and melodies but not so necessary to produce house or techno these days.

What has been one of the highlights of your career as a DJ and Producer so far?

Few months back I had opportunity to share decks with legendary John Digweed which was definitely a highlight of my dj career and a great experience in every level. In case of production I feel  honored to see my music supported all over the world by more and less known dj’s – that’s one big highlight for me. Also having my tracks remixed by some of my idols from the past such as Pole Folder, Kosmas Epsilon or Rick Pier O’Neil feels incredible too.

Out of your 3000+ (!!) vinyl in your collection, would you be able to list your top 3 most treasured records?

Westbam – “Hard Times” is a track which got me into electronic music for good. After playing it on a loop for few days I bought my first electronic music album ever – “We’ll Never Stop Living This Way” which was obviously a good and (as it turned out later) important decision 🙂

Robert Babicz – “Sin”, absolute masterpiece from one of the best musicians and sound engineers on the scene. Hearing it live for the first time on a big soundsystem, performed by it’s author himself simply blew my mind

Guy J – “Fixation”, a perfect rendition of an old classic by Andy Ling which already became modern classic as well. This track is a definition of how nu-school progressive house should sound. Also the B-side is not less impressive with Henry Saiz touch on Guy’s “Lamur”. This vinyl was pressed not so long ago – in may 2012, although it’s incredibly rare these days.

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the electronic music world?

This world has no boundaries, there are always areas to explore, great artists to find, cool sounds to use in a new track, projects worth to be involved, interesting places to visit and people with the same passion to meet. How not to love it? 😉

If there was one thing you hoped people gained from listening to your music, what would it be?

Music is all about emotions for me, regardless the genre. It can make you dance, feel just relaxed or be healing at bad times. Producing or playing a dj set I always wonder what kind of impact should it have on listeners. Without feelings involved it’s just a bunch of ordinary sounding samples.

If you can find simple joy in my music – my goal is accomplished.

Crossroads premieres April 13th at 12PM EST [convert timezone], be sure to tune in!
In the mean time, listen to his Artist of the Week set for 2 hours of solid underground sounds:

Listen Now: Tuxedo – FRISKY Artist of the Week