Tufan Demir Goes CHILL With High Roller

Lauren Krieger

Tufan Demir brings his intricate sound to CHILL with the launch of High Roller

Born and raised in Istanbul, Tufan Demir has been bringing his unique and diverse sound across the globe through a variety of music projects. From house and disco, to garage and techno (under the moniker Beto Narme), Tufan is a continuous creator, who most of all loves sound. With a masters degree in Sound Engineering, he keeps the creative side of his mind busy by mixing styles, keeping his ears and heart open to whatever music moves him.

For his new show High Roller, Tufan Demir will be sharing his CHILL side, where you can expect deep music for the soul. His guest mix on Chillout Sundays is a beautiful journey, and a popular episode with fans, with 9K listens.

With his busy schedule, I was happy to catch up with Tufan to get his thoughts on music:

What inspires you within and outside of music?

I am inspired by the fact that I’m alive, each day I wake up, I realize that I have less time left than what I had the previous day. Therefore learning new things is quite inspirational for me. When I deliberately enter a new learning environment, entire worlds open up to me, I am also inspired by the people who’s passion is to help others.

How would you describe your music in one sentence?

A mixed bag of intricate vibes which is sometimes bright and sometimes skewed.

Do you have a musical philosophy?

I’m more interested in sound and structure rather than a genre or a style.

What can listeners expect from your show?

A deep dive into a session of experimentation and sonic exploration.

What are your top 5 tracks of all time?

I can’t give you a top list, but the artists who influenced me the most are Ryuichi Sakamoto, Trent Reznor, Angelo Badalamenti, DJrum and Missy Elliott.

High Roller brings even more excellence to the CHILL channel, a must listen when it premieres July 2 @ 12PM EST [convert timezone]:

Tufan Demir – High Roller