Tripswitch goes deep as he gets ready for Harmonics

Lauren Krieger

Tripswitch continues spreading musical magic with the launch of Harmonics on FRISKY DEEP

Nick Brennan aka Tripswitch has been a mainstay in the electronic music scene for over 15 years, earning a reputation for his exceptional ambient and downtempo productions and receiving global support from across the industry. His highly tuned and emotion filled atmospheres dominate his label Section Records, where releases from himself and others including Koan, Seamless, and Audioglider have found massive support from a long list of DJs and international music press. In 2015, Tripswitch was ready to take his music a new direction, using his experience and talent to create the next installment of his story, he produced “Vagabond” an album of deep, melodic, and progressive house that was released in May 2016 on Iboga Records.

This new direction has proven to be a successful adventure, on the dancefloor and across the airwaves. He has been touring the world to bring a unique blend of chillout and dancefloor grooves to fans everywhere, and his Artist of the Week feature on FRISKY was one of the most popular of the year. Now he will be launching his own show “Harmonics”, premiering on July 15th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] on FRISKY DEEP.

We caught up with him to get ready for the start:

Photographer: Alessandro Ragazzon

Photographer: Kant Rathod

Looks like this has been a busy year for you! What has been one of your highlights so far?

It has! Great to be so busy again after spending a lot of the last couple of years of formulating a new sound and direction, and 2016’s been full of highlights so far. It all started with an incredible set on the Market Stage at Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia where I premiered a lot of material from my new album Vagabond … it’s an awesome stage and the perfect setting for my new sound. It totally went off! Then of course the release of the album in May … the response has been completely overwhelming and I never expected it to do so well in the Beatport charts. On top of all that, I got a lot of love for my Artist Of The Week show on Frisky last month too, which was a real treat having been a long time listener. Super excited to be starting my own regular slot!

What inspires you to continue dedicating your life to the music?

I can’t imagine ever being in a place where I’d want to stop writing, performing or generally being immersed in music, it just makes me tick and not having that in my life would be like cutting off a limb. So from that point of view it’s the easiest thing in the world. It can be a challenging path sometimes, but it’s always rewarding in some way. You can’t always be on the top of your game in terms of creativity, no artist is, but then you’ll hear some track or have some lightbulb moment and it kickstarts things again.

Photographer: Nick Caro

Photographer: Nick Caro

Is there anything you always like to communicate through your productions and DJ mixes?

For me it’s always been about the journey, I think this really sets a good DJ mix apart.

It was catching those early sets at Renaissance from Digweed, Sasha and Ian Ossia that were the spark which got me producing electronic music, and that sentiment has been with me throughout my career, both with my house DJing and also on the chillout side of things. Putting out a whole album of prog house may seem like an anachronism these days, but I think it’s just as possible to create a journey with an EP or an album if you give the right thought to it.

What do you think are the most important qualities for a track to make it to one of your mixes?

I’m a real sucker for melody … it doesn’t have to be about those big epic dancefloor moments, a well-crafted hypnotic tech track with the right melodic elements conveying the right emotion can be just as effective. Having said that, a good set should have light and shade – that’s all part of the journey – so I try to keep an open mind and create that ebb and flow through my selections. It’s no use having banger after banger, it soon gets boring and fatiguing to listen to. Sometimes it’s not so obvious what makes a track special … I just have to be feeling it at the right point in time.

What do you find to be the most challenging part of producing music and running a record label in today’s industry?

Finding ways to make it profitable is a constant struggle. Labels are generally much smaller operations than they used to be – you present a professional image to the public through your brand, but a lot of people probably don’t realise that most independent labels these days are really just one or two people who love the music enough to devote themselves to promoting it and dealing with the business end, which can be quite complex (if you’re doing it right!). So much work goes into putting a release together, and the returns are generally so tight that if you weren’t doing it for the love there’d just be no point. The whole industry has flipped in the last 10 years or so – whereas before you’d tour to promote your releases, now you release to promote yourself as a touring artist and that’s how you make your dough.

Nick Caro

Photographer: Nick Caro

What else is coming up for you in 2016?

I’ve been super busy working on remixes lately, so I’ve got quite a few coming out all over the place – one for Further Progressions, several for Iboga, one for my buddy Geist, and I’m super happy to be finally collaborating with Nick Warren right now on a remix of Joey Fehrenbach for Nick’s Soundgarden label. I also recently did one for Danish electronica producer Rumpistol featuring an amazing vocal by Ane Trolle who sang on the Trentemoller album “The Last Resort” – that one’s a bit special.

I’ll be touring Europe in August and September, finishing off the next Tripswitch chillout album, and I’ve got a few other collaborations in the pipeline too with GMJ, James Monro, Jossie Telch, Gaudi, Vice and others … they’re popping up all the time! And I’m working hard on my label Section Records at the moment, we’ve just released a new Audioglider single and album and I’m compiling a double compilation for release in the Autumn. I’m also launching an imprint called onedotsixtwo which will be entirely devoted to quality deep and progressive house, leaving Section to deal in the more downtempo end of things. Exciting times!

tripswitch2011_1_crossprocessedExciting indeed! Be sure to tune into the premiere of Harmonics on Friday July 15th @ 12PM EST [convert timezone] only on FRISKY DEEP!

In the mean time, if you haven’t heard his Artist of the Week set, you should listen right now:

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