Tommi Oskari’s Sound Navigation Covers New Ground on FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: Tommi Oskari’s new show Sound Navigation will guide listeners on a unique journey.

Finnish DJ Tommi Oskari’s distinctive and eclectic tastes can be heard in the wide variety of genres he plays as a DJ, and the unique sound he produces for some of the top labels in the industry. With releases on Replug Records, Change Audio, and Lowbit Records, Tommi’s influence is continually building as his recognition grows. Fans around the globe are discovering his creative blending of music genres and his balanced combination of smooth vibes with driving rhythms. His Artist of the Week feature on FRISKY showcases this exceptional style with deep, melodic, and intelligent sounds combining to create an interesting and smooth flowing mix.

Tommi Oskari’s FRISKY show Sound Navigation will be taking the listener along these ever changing channels, guiding flawlessly through deep grooves and dark tech progressive sounds.


Tune into the premiere on September 24th at 9AM EST [convert timezone] to be part of this new experience.

Listen Now: Tommi Oskari Artist of the Week