This Week :: We Really LOVE Greece


We love Greece. Thats not news to anyone that has been a FRISKY fan for a while. We have done several specials celebrating Greek DJs over the years like friskyRadio Loves Greece, friskyGreeks and various other specials over the years…

But we have never loved Greece more than we love it this week. Get a load of the following shows this week, all by Greek artists: FREEZE w/ Michel Zola, Deep My Way w/ Bobby Deep, Back 2 Basics w/ Jorge Dept, and Nocturne w/ George Marvel!

Oh you thought we were done right?! Nope. This Saturday is another one of our ground-breaking series FRISKY LOVES… series. And guess where we are headed? You guessed it! GREECE! FRISKY LOVES GREECE – nonstop beats from Greece, all day all night, starting at 09AM New York / 04PM Athens on Saturday 26 November 2011.

Break out the ouzo, put those togas and sunglasses on… we’re headed to the cradle of western civilization!