The Year in FRISKY 2017: The Charts

Lauren Krieger

Discover the Top Sets and Top Shows of 2017 with the 2017 FRISKY Charts

We had such a great year at FRISKY in 2017, adding over 30 new shows and providing new ways to listen to the best underground electronic music in the world. Representing a variety of styles and genres, and featuring a range of special guests and talented residents, it’s awesome to see the whole spectrum of music enjoyed by our global community. Check out below for the top sets and shows from FRISKY, DEEP & CHILL in 2017. First we have the top sets (episodes) from each channel based on total reach. Then we have the top shows, based on the average reach of their combined episodes. Due to the number of shows on FRISKY we included the Top 25, with a Top 10 list for each for DEEP & CHILL.

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FRISKY is happy to be your Home for Underground Electronic Music, and we’re excited to announce just how loved the most popular shows have been this year. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of FRISKY, we’re looking forward to an amazing 2018!

12DC+1Rob KeithMarch22,310Listen Now
2UniversalNick LewisSeptember22,099Listen Now
3Blue MondayKevin ShiuOctober21,531Listen Now
4Artist of the WeekMike HaddadAugust20,964Listen Now
5FatalistDigital DepartmentFebruary20,892Listen Now
6Artist of the WeekSailor & IMarch20,510Listen Now
7Suffused DiarySuffusedApril19,991Listen Now
8Artist of the WeekOgun CelikFebruary19,486Listen Now
9VoyagerDeepsenseMarch19,449Listen Now
10LIGHTWORKSIngo VogelmannJune18,907Listen Now
11[Re]LiveLuke WarrenAugust18,204Listen Now
12PolymathThird SonMarch18,166Listen Now
13LIGHTWORKSIngo VogelmannAugust17,849Listen Now
14Cabin PressureMartin GarciaJanuary17,829Listen Now
15DreamersFernando FerreyraApril17,827Listen Now
16DreamersFernando FerreyraMarch17,545Listen Now
17AllureNiki SadekiMay17,450Listen Now
18NocturneGeorge MarvelAugust17,294Listen Now
19Blue MondayKevin ShiuJune17,025Listen Now
20LIGHTWORKSIngo VogelmannMarch16,997Listen Now
21Blue MondayKevin ShiuMarch16,973Listen Now
22JuiceboxPraveen AcharyMay16,880Listen Now
23Release Promo Hype ChartsIngo VogelmannSeptember16,601Listen Now
24AllureNiki SadekiNovember16,526Listen Now
25SyzygyNephraMarch16,475Listen Now
26FatalistDigital DepartmentAugust15,824Listen Now
27AllureNiki SadekiJune15,807Listen Now
28DeterminationOMDMarch15,731Listen Now
29AcrobaticsDouskMarch15,554Listen Now
30Voice of NatureYuriy From RussiaApril15,447Listen Now
31InceptionMarcelo VasamiOctober15,324Listen Now
32VoyagerDeepsenseMay15,267Listen Now
33Release Promo Hype ChartsIngo VogelmannJuly15,262Listen Now
34SubliminalN-tchblJune15,249Listen Now
35Artist of the WeekAlec AraujoMay15,156Listen Now
36Release Promo Hype ChartsIngo VogelmannAugust15,149Listen Now
37[Re]LivePaul SawyerJune15,086Listen Now
38The Tape ArchivesKosmasApril15,042Listen Now
39UnisonLoquaiApril15,009Listen Now
40VoyagerDeepsenseJune14,962Listen Now
41MovementTASHOctober14,923Listen Now
42FatalistDigital DepartmentMarch14,792Listen Now
43Artist of the WeekChristian VoldstadOctober14,713Listen Now
44NocturneGeorge MarvelJune14,635Listen Now
45Global MissionSubandrioMay14,634Listen Now
46Swift SessionsG.PalNovember14,599Listen Now
47UnisonLoquaiOctober14,540Listen Now
48UnisonLoquaiAugust14,535Listen Now
49DreamersFernando FerreyraAugust14,534Listen Now
50FatalistDigital DepartmentSeptember14,522Listen Now


1Bespoke MusikDeath on the BalconyMarch28,848Listen Now
2ReflectionsNiki McNallyJuly22,423Listen Now
3Into The MadlandsWild DarkFebruary19,664Listen Now
4Bespoke MusikSome ChemistryMay17,938Listen Now
5HarmonicsTripswitchMarch17,843Listen Now
6Bespoke MusikNiki SadekiSeptember17,695Listen Now
7EternoSHFTNovember15,754Listen Now
8Bespoke MusikKoraApril15,678Listen Now
9Coccolino DeepKalipoMarch15,479Listen Now
10Moira TalesKhristian KJuly15,173Listen Now
11Into The MadlandsSOUL COLLECTIVEJune14,948Listen Now
12InterpolationRobert R. HardySeptember14,526Listen Now
13Coccolino DeepCoccolino DeepMarch14,393Listen Now
14InterpolationRobert R. HardyMay14,124Listen Now
15HarmonicsTripswitchMay14,093Listen Now
16Into The MadlandsWild DarkJuly14,067Listen Now
17Sullivan Room SessionsDomingo CavaMarch13,858Listen Now
18ProvocateurPriyaNovember13,665Listen Now
19HarmonicsTripswitchFebruary13,613Listen Now
20KDB RecordsTrockenSaftOctober13,611Listen Now
21ReflectionsNiki McNallyOctober13,276Listen Now
22HarmonicsTripswitchNovember13,174Listen Now
23NightlightsJavier PortillaJune13,052Listen Now
24NightlightsJavier PortillaMarch12,978Listen Now
25EternoMidnight TrafficAugust12,888Listen Now
26HawtnBotheredTechnolaskoJuly12,761Listen Now
27EternoMidnight TrafficSeptember12,520Listen Now
28EternoMidnight TrafficOctober12,318Listen Now
29Deeper PurposeSOUL COLLECTIVEOctober12,062Listen Now
30WanderlustTamara MontenegroNovember11,976Listen Now
31NightlightsJavier PortillaApril11,731Listen Now
32NightlightsJavier PortillaAugust11,713Listen Now
33ReflectionsNiki McNallyApril11,660Listen Now
34InterpolationRobert R. HardyOctober11,636Listen Now
35Bespoke MusikCourtney ScottDecember11,522Listen Now
36Into The MadlandsWild DarkMarch11,467Listen Now
37Cirque NoirSam FarsioJanuary11,093Listen Now
38HarmonicsTripswitchOctober10,983Listen Now
39ProvocateurPriyaSeptember10,905Listen Now
40SurHanna BrothersNovember10,901Listen Now
41HarmonicsTripswitchJune10,864Listen Now
42EternoMidnight TrafficJuly10,855Listen Now
43HarmonicsTripswitchDecember10,486Listen Now
44SonicMike HaddadNovember10,458Listen Now
45ReflectionsNiki McNallyJanuary10,339Listen Now
46KDB RecordsGorkizMay10,260Listen Now
47Bespoke MusikGrizzlyMay10,244Listen Now
48Bespoke MusikAlfa StateNovember10,077Listen Now
49No Eyes All EarsPete OakOctober10,074Listen Now
50ProvocateurPriyaOctober10,033Listen Now


1Into The NightNicolajApril30,320Listen Now
2Liquid CoolNick LewisApril24,706Listen Now
3WavesAddlissOctober23,530Listen Now
4Into The NightNicolajOctober22,316Listen Now
5Liquid CoolNick LewisJune21,359Listen Now
6Ambient Around The WorldAlexander GorshkovMay21,052Listen Now
7WavesAddlissMarch20,119Listen Now
8Liquid CoolNick LewisJuly19,689Listen Now
9Chillout SundaysHiroyuki KajinoSeptember19,046Listen Now
10Liquid CoolNick LewisApril19,028Listen Now
11Into The NightNicolajSeptember18,702Listen Now
12NeptunianPlanetariumApril18,460Listen Now
13No TensionLastEDENOctober17,557Listen Now
14No TensionLastEDENMarch17,096Listen Now
15Colourful SkiesMario TrunzFebruary16,834Listen Now
16WavesAddlissSeptember16,676Listen Now
17Ambient Around The WorldAlexander GorshkovMarch16,273Listen Now
18MirajNURKANApril16,244Listen Now
19NeptunianPlanetariumOctober15,927Listen Now
20Into The NightNicolajJuly16,244Listen Now
21WavesAddlissJuly14,829Listen Now
22Ambient Around The WorldAlexander GorshkovOctober14,709Listen Now
23Zero GravityMartin GreyFebruary14,638Listen Now
24HadouDjhanaMarch14,518Listen Now
25Liquid CoolNick LewisFebruary14,511Listen Now
26Ambient Around The WorldAlexander GorshkovSeptember14,491Listen Now
27MirajNURKANMarch14,356Listen Now
28Cloud WalkingJadedJune13,959Listen Now
29NeptunianPlanetariumAugust13,673Listen Now
30Zero GravityMartin GreyOctober13,621Listen Now
31No TensionLastEDENFebruary13,577Listen Now
32The Invisible KingdomLeandro FrescoOctober13,394Listen Now
33Ambient Around The WorldAlexander GorshkovNovember13,383Listen Now
34Zero GravityMartin GreyMay13,275Listen Now
35Liquid CoolNick LewisAugust13,244Listen Now
36Time OutIngo VogelmannNovember13,206Listen Now
37WavesAddlissApril13,168Listen Now
38Infinite MusicWindWillOctober13,037Listen Now
39Zero GravityMartin GreyApril12,836Listen Now
40AngelsDimitris SiafarikasApril12,475Listen Now
41MirajNURKANJanuary12,456Listen Now
42HadouDjhanaJuly12,436Listen Now
43No TensionLastEDENApril12,358Listen Now
44NeptunianPlanetariumFebruary12,338Listen Now
45Zero GravityMartin GreyMarch12,130Listen Now
46Colourful SkiesMario TrunzJanuary12,111Listen Now
47Ambience and NoiseMartyn WarrenJune11,948Listen Now
48DiversionsRob KeithOctober11,915Listen Now
49Liquid CoolNick LewisApril11,861Listen Now
50No TensionLastEDENJuly11,852Listen Now


ShowHostAvg ReachLink
1Cabin PressureMartin Garcia14,539Listen Now
2NocturneGeorge Marvel13,185Listen Now
3VoyagerDeepsense13,055Listen Now
4Blue MondayKevin Shiu12,860Listen Now
5FatalistDigital Department12,843Listen Now
6Release Promo Hype ChartsIngo Vogelmann12,428Listen Now
7DreamersFernando Ferreyra12,197Listen Now
8Medium RareNesa12,008Listen Now
92DC + 1Rob Keith11,994Listen Now
10LIGHTWORKSIngo Vogelmann11,597Listen Now
11UnisonLoquai10,686Listen Now
12AllureNiki Sadeki10,381Listen Now
13PolymathThird Son10,071Listen Now
14Sound NavigationTommi Oskari9,726Listen Now
15MovementTASH9,408Listen Now
16SoundspherePlacid9,372Listen Now
17ObsessionsScott Williams9,174Listen Now
18InceptionMarcelo Vasami9,148Listen Now
19FloorjamNick Muir8,924Listen Now
20Sound GardenNick Warren8,757Listen Now
21DeepsessionsAthan8,751Listen Now
22Artist of the WeekVarious8,703Listen Now
23Slow MotionOzgur Ozkan8,697Listen Now
24Immersedd-phrag8,686Listen Now
25ClosureNicko Izzo8,155Listen Now


ShowHostAvg ReachLink
1ReflectionsNiki McNally14,425Listen Now
2WanderlustTamara Montenegro11,976Listen Now
3EternoMidnight Traffic11,439Listen Now
4HarmonicsTripswitch10,416Listen Now
5Into The MadlandsWild Dark9,296Listen Now
6InterpolationRobert R. Hardy8,832Listen Now
7HawtnBotheredTechnolasko8,730Listen Now
8ProvocateurPriya8,539Listen Now
9The War On ConsciousnessJustin Massei8,187Listen Now
10Bespoke MusikVarious8,182Listen Now


ShowHostAvg ReachLink
1Ambient Around The WorldAlexander Gorshkov11,844Listen Now
2Colourful SkiesMario Trunz11,584Listen Now
3WavesAddliss11,293Listen Now
4Liquid CoolNick Lewis11,132Listen Now
5Into The NightNicolaj11,124Listen Now
6No TensionLastEDEN10,721Listen Now
7AngelsDimitris Siafarikas10,289Listen Now
8NeptunianPlanetarium10,049Listen Now
9MirajNURKAN9,847Listen Now
10High RollerTufan Demir9,500Listen Now


Thank you to every show that has been a part of FRISKY this year, we’re looking forward to an even friskier 2018!