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The Next Advancement in Manmademusic

Kalen Bergado

The task of building a label from the ground up is not an easy one, but it is something Nick and Max have charged headfirst into with the creation of Manmademusic. An idea to create a platform for budding artists to shine and showcase their sounds to the world, Manmademusic has made its mission to build upon the culture of electronic music, with an emphasis on the emotions and sensations that accompany the music.

Debuting their new show on FRISKY, the two are ready to take the world by storm with this opportunity to present the most pure versions of themselves in the form of music. Focusing on the quality of music and a space without physical borders, Nick and Max hope to reveal the different ways music can affect people through the way they mix and present the music in their show.

We got a chance to talk to the duo behind Manmademusic and ask them a few questions about their origins in electronic music, their goals for both the label and the show, and how they are growing on the national and international stage. Tune in to the debut of their new show on FRISKY on May 13th @ 8AM EST [convert timezone] or stream anytime after on-demand. Enjoy!

Hi Nick and Max, to kick off the interview I’d really like to touch on your background in music. What were your first experiences in music? Did it start with electronic or did you branch into electronic after exploring other genres first?

Nick: Hi, my father introduced me to vinyl records when I was 10 years old, we had a good vinyl record player, I constantly listened to my father’s favorite records and one of the favorites was the French electronic band “Space”, with the track “Magic Flight” ( 1980), already older sometime in 2000, I was a student at a technical university, I was attracted to electronic music by such artists as Prodigy, Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode. I made tracks on audio cassettes, I recorded the nightly releases of radio stations by such DJs as Carl Cox, Deep Dish, Dubfire, and others, later I started to buy vinyl and equipment, in 2002 my friends invited me to debut to play my first mix at a nightclub, It was called “Opera-House” it was the coolest club in the city, it was a very interesting time, many friends and associates appeared, it was a little scary to play in front of a large audience for the first time, I remember shaking hands))) I was worried 🙂 over time gone and I could put the records with my eyes closed )) and later became a resident of the club.

Max: Hi, the first experience with electronic music is the album of the prodigy experience in 1992, later after buying their first house and deep house records in 1998 and meeting DJs in one of the first clubs in the city of Surgut, a career as a DJ began. Nickname Mad Max. Later came the first experience of writing tracks on the program Buzzetracker.

As you both are musicians, can you each speak to your experience producing and creating music? What role if any has DJing played in your history with electronic music?

Nick & Max: DJ plays a big role, using information and analysis of how a listener reacts on the dance floor, you understand what drives people, what vibrations.

Since starting the label have you been able to to balance running the label and the other creative outputs you do (producing, DJing, promoting)?

Nick & Max: Yes, we work exclusively on the quality of the material, and not on its quantity. We select good material for the label, and try to attract young and emerging artists. In the creative affairs of the label, we create a new model for work. We have some interesting ideas in promotion and production, that’s all right :).

You talk about Manmademusic’s goal of sharing emotions and sensations through music and I’m wondering what other inspirations and influences went into forming the label?

Nick & Max: The goal is not only to shine on the national stage, but also to win first places internationally. The goal we are striving for is to share wonderful emotions and sensations through the exceptional beauty of music, develop pure musical culture and allow the most talented artists to appear for the first time on the international stage (mixing different styles such as minimal, techno, techno house, progressive). And also give the world the opportunity to hear our creativity.

Is there a specific set of electronic styles you want to be the driving force behind Manmademusic? Or is it more about the feelings the music inspire that help decide what you release?

Nick & Max: This is Tech-House, Tech-Progressive, but also mix different styles such as Tech-House, Progressive, Deep-House, the music carries a certain beauty of sensation, feeling, emotion, we try to reveal it by mixing styles. Basically it is Inspiration, we are not strictly attached to the style, but it is electronic dance music.

One of the main tenets of Manmademusic is also to grow not only in the national stage but also on the international stage. What sort of work goes into building something to excel on an international level in the world of electronic music?

Nick & Max: New ideas that are embodied in sounds and tracks. Daily work to improve their capabilities.

The label is based in Russia and I’m curious what the electronic scene is currently like there? Does the location of where the label was created have an impact on where you look for artists?

Nick & Max: The location of the label does not affect the search for artists. In the world of electronic music there are no borders, it is created in all parts of the world and thanks to the Internet, people can communicate and create music regardless of their location. The electronic scene is the same as on any other electronic platform, it does not have its own characteristics.

What is 2019 looking like for Manmademusic? Do you have any exciting updates or news that you can share with us?

Nick & Max: The year 2019 started quite well for us, the release of new releases, we appeared on FRISKY, the artists will perform at different venues and different events, but more on that later.

Do you have any goals for your new show for FRISKY? Do you have a specific image of what the show will be in your mind, or ideas and themes you want to center it around?

Nick & Max: Yes, of course, the show will feature mixes in which Music will be presented to which the soul and heart are most close.

Tune into the premiere on May 13th @ 8 AM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.