The New FRISKY: Inside our Redesign


Since January we’ve been testing our new website with a small group of private beta testers and starting today, we’re excited to start rolling it out for everyone.

The new FRISKY is not just a facelift or a visit to the plastic surgeon, its a complete re-think of what an electronic music radio service should be. Whilst we’ve yet to release the majority of our ground-breaking and industry-first feature-set, we’re extremely proud of our first public beta release today. Some of the major features we are launching today are:

On-Demand streaming
– Listen to any DJ set, on-demand, whenever you like… FOR FREE. Registered members get a generous number of free streams a month, with our premium subscribers getting unlimited streams. And coming soon: an unlimited streaming-only subscription tier for our fans that only want to stream their music from the cloud, with no hassle of having to download tons of files.

Some new features, at a glance
While the new FRISKY has a ton of new features, I’d like to highlight some below:
– The new home page is a snapshot connecting you to the music you love in ways never before, with featured show area that highlights some sets we think you should check out. The Show Schedule lists the day’s shows, with easy access different days’ schedule.
– Latest Mixes lists is an easy way to catch up with the very latest dj sets just aired on the radio. Just chose which mix want to listen to and press play!
– Trending Mixes section calculates what mixes are most popular right now based on many different factors.
– Timezones. One of our most-requested feature ever is the ability to display show times in your timezone. You can now view show times in your own time zone! You can change your timezone in settings.
– Charts. A weekly Top 10 chart of the top shows of the previous week.

A better way to search
When you have access to millions of hours of music, searching for what you’re looking for can be a challenge. With our new search, you can search for music by show name, DJ/artist name and date. Want to know what was played on a particular date? Just search for it by date. Or, for a list of all shows played in a particular month, you can search by month.

In the coming months we will be spending significant focus on discovery: our mission is to connect you to the music you love now, and introduce you to your future favorite DJs and shows!

New chill channel
– Previously available only on our award-winning iPhone app, you can now tune into the CHILL stream for the best in ambient, lounge, movie scores and downbeat. Having a dedicated CHILL channel will open up for more programming on sundays, which was previously held by Chillout Sundays, our weekly chillout show.

Share your thoughts
Check out the new FRISKY and share your thoughts, and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.