The New FRISKY Goes Single-Page-App


At FRISKY we want you to have the best listening and web experience, and today we’re launching a few significant updates to our beta site:

1. Uninterrupted playback as you browse the site.
2. Updated show pages.
3. Show times in your local time zone.
4. Search by genre.

1. Uninterrupted playback as you browse:
We’ve completely redone the the front-end and updated it to a single page web application.  Now you can enjoy seemless, uninterrupted radio and on-demand playback as you browse the site! To tune into the radio channels simply hover over the TUNE IN menu at the bottom of the page:

We’ve also made downloading or listening to a set easier. No longer is it necessary to click-thru to the show page to listen or download, simply hover over the artwork and press PLAY, or chose Download from the contextual menu.

2. Updated show pages:
Based on feedback from users, we’ve updated our show pages for a more streamlined look. Now, everything you need to know about a show and its episodes is presented in an easy and coherent way.

3. Show times in your local time zone:
FRISKY is an international site with fans and listeners from all over the world. As a result, there’s always been confusion about exactly when a show will air. Historically we’ve displayed all show times in FRISKY’s home town time zone: New York City (USA/EST). Thats fine for our listeners in New York, but it can be confusing for our fans in Korea or Dubai. Today, we’re launching a new feature on the beta site where we try to magically guess your local time zone and display all show times and upcoming episode times in your local time zone! Already used to the show times in USA/EST? Not to worry, you can still change the timezone in Member Settings.

4. Search by gearch & Other Search Improvements:
Another user-requested feature: ability to search based on genre. Now, you can click on the genre tags next to each set artwork on the show page to list similar sets from other artists.

And to search by genre, simply append a genre: to search term:

Click here to try the new updates now!

And here’s a preview of what we’re working on next:
1. Updated bottom-bar player. The player is only an alpha release. We’ll be adding more features in the coming days.
2. Follow DJs and Shows. Never miss another set from your favorite artist again! A new dashboard area will show all your favorite artists and shows in one page.
3. Recommendations. Expert human and algorithm curated recommendations based on your tastes and listening / downloading history.
4. Everything above – but on our iOS and Android apps, with a sexy new look!

This is just a taste of whats to come. We have a lot more things in the roadmap that we think will change the way you think of radio!

Huge props to our over-worked dev team on this amazing release! We hope you like the updates as much we do, and as always welcome feedback so do let us know what you think. Also, dont be shy about telling us what you think we should be working on!

Click here to try the new updates now!