The influential Sound of Belgium continues on the FRISKY Loves Belgium special

Lauren Krieger

FRISKY Loves Belgium features the Belgian DJs that keep making an impact the electronic music world.

Belgium has been an incredibly influential home for electronic music since the 80’s, taking the world by storm with their distinctive styles, and never-ending passion for the music. The documentary The Sound of Belgium covers this ground and more, showcasing the enthusiasm of the Belgians for dancing, partying, and enjoying themselves to the fullest. From the Decap (Dance) Organ to New Beat to hard Techno, a large community of Belgians were always ready to accept new music that took them to higher places.

partyThe Sound of Belgium captures these feelings and more, showing how much pride in the music was felt by those who dove in deep to this world that was distinctly theirs. With no statutory closing times, people were driving across the country to keep the music going all week long, crashing on Wednesdays and starting up again the next day.

“The hippy feeling was there, I thought we’d changed the world.”

– Renaat Vandepapeliere, founder of Belgian label R&S, who will be appearing on FRISKY Loves Belgium this weekend.

The intro to the trailer sums it up perfectly: “We are just a small country; so what can we do? As my father used to say, ‘figure it out for yourself’. So that’s what we did. And as a result, we did things that ended up influencing the whole planet.”

Unfortunately, as tends to happen when underground electronic music starts to move into the mainstream consciousness, the media and police instill fear in the general population, as if these are the only places where people take drugs and soon they will take your children too. The “glory days” of Belgium’s electronic music scene may have been shut down by the authorities, but the spirit of the music within all the people it touched continues to thrive.

Premiering on April 25th, FRISKY Loves Belgium will be covering the past, present, and future of Belgium’s flourishing electronic music industry, featuring over 20 DJs who each play their own part in the country’s continually important scene. With a wide range of styles being covered by DJs of several generations, the latest in the FRISKY Loves series will be an entertaining adventure from start to finish. Belgium’s not done impacting the global underground music scene yet, and FRISKY Loves Belgium will be showcasing what a difference this country can still make.

Featured DJs include:

Pole Folder
Tom Hades
Cactus Twisters
Jim Henderson
Dave Davis
DJ Joeri
Jimmy Van M
DJ PhiPhi
CP Cedric Piret
Kevin Vega
Felix Cage
DJ Smos
Michael Forzza
Eran Aviner

Be a part of the next stage in Belgium’s musical history, tune into FRISKY Loves Belgium, premiering April 25th at 6AM EST / 12PM Brussels [convert timezone]

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