The Czech Republic’s underground DJs are ready to represent

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Get ready for the diverse sounds of the Czech Republic on the latest installment of “FRISKY Loves”.

FRISKY’s mission to bring underground electronic music from every place on Earth to the rest of world continues with the sound of the Czech Republic. One of Europe’s most popular travel destinations, its capital Prague in particular, Czech Republic will transport you back in time with its intact medieval core and 14th century Charles Bridge, while also offering a vital urban centre with rich cultural offerings. Recently given a new short-form name of Czechia, the country is filled with architectural treasures that include hundreds of ancient castles, monasteries, and mansions, with beautiful surrounding forests and mountains.

With such rich surroundings and culture, it’s no surprise that their underground electronic music scene is so strong. Representing their country are a variety of DJs bringing their unique perspectives on the Deep, Tech, and House music that comes from their home. Beginning on May 7th at 9AM EST / 3PM CEST [convert timezone], Czech Republic’s DJs will transport you to their home and share the best of their local scenes.

Andrew Daren
Jakub Mildner
Eddie Mur
Arturo Legorreta
Alex Aniska
Roman Rai

We caught up with a few of the featured DJs to find out what to expect:

Photo credit: Miroslav Petrasko ( via / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: Miroslav Petrasko ( via / CC BY-NC-ND

What do you think the rest of the world should know about the Czech Republic?

Smeti: Wherever I go, Czech Republic is known for hockey, football or beer πŸ™‚ From my point of view, Prague has gotten more multicultural and open-minded in the past few years, which is great. More and more people are getting interested in good music and you can feel that in local clubs. Czech Republic today is hosting more and more great electronic music events. Someone could say Prague is trying to look like Berlin these days, and you can’t deny that it’s true a little bit. We have a really huge Drum’n’bass scene here and from what I observe, techno is back too πŸ™‚

Arturo: Prague in specific, it’s a magical place in which you can find art everywhere.

Alex: That Czech Republic is situated on the border between western and eastern european cultures with interesting and specific underground scene full of quality pop-up events. Furthermore, we have here total freedom and cheap beer πŸ˜€ (kidding), which really attracts people. For example city of Prague is very international so mixed cultures gives to it more shiny mood.

Roman: Prague the capitol of the Czech R. is I think one the nicest cities in the world with really
cool nightlife. Come to Prague and you will not be disappointed.

What is the best part about your local underground electronic music scene?

Smeti: It’s a small country, we all know and support each other. Wherever you go, you see familiar faces. If you make a new song, you can be sure, that you can send it to 20 people around you and they will give you their honest opinion about it and tell you what to make better. If you decide to make a party, you don’t have to be afraid that you’d be on your own.

Arturo: In my opinion the best thing about the underground scene here is the diversity, Prague is a metropolis and you can find people from all around the world.

Now a days Prague is full of underground movements and the scene is growing very fast there are many interesting projects happening.

Alex: The best part is people, they really know how to enjoy themselves, no matter whether they are on rave for 1000 people or on 12hour afterparty for 50 people, the rave spirit is still here and this kicks up local artists for sure. Second things is great pop-ups here as the luck of quality venues pushes promoters to look up for new places and use them in their own way and in many times – proper way.

Roman: Last three years were really cool and I think (mostly in) Prague dance scene make
really big renaissance. There are a lot of small groups doing small but really cool
underground venues.

People make it for music not for money.

Are there any unique challenges to being a DJ in your country?

Smeti: Like anywhere else, you have to be visible. If you don’t go out to meet the right people, your chances to play at bigger events gets very low. To get noticed and accepted within the right circles can be a little challenging.

Arturo: The challenge is to place Prague in the international scene. CZ its developing a solid underground movement, with many potential to grow even more I think that’s the most exciting part of this.

Alex: The biggest challenge is to live from DJing here. To stay in underground and got really paid is not easy. Second challenge is to find venue to make own party, local people do not welcome this kind of fun due to bigger noise around. It is not so unique, but definitely capital cities around has better situation πŸ™‚ Another challenge is to propagate new music trends as local people here has sometimes very conservative attitude to underground music, but this is question of a time I hope.

Roman: Quality selection πŸ™‚

Photo credit: mendhak via / CC BY-SA

Photo credit: mendhak via / CC BY-SA

Where are the best places to go enjoy music?

Smeti: For me, the most important thing is the atmosphere and people. I don’t go out to music clubs every week just to get wasted and listen to whatever music they’re playing. I like places where I can listen to music I like. This is why I’m glad, that we have very special, unique places like Prague`s Cross Club, Klubovna Dejvice, or the pop-up club called Neone which has hosted huge amount of electronic music legends such as DMX Krew or Lorn.

Arturo: Here we have many places, from big clubs to warehouse parties, it’s hard to say one specific place.

Alex: Prague is specific, that there is no regular place providing very good music as the venues are mixing a lot of different type of events without keeping direct way in self-development. But for sure I would like to highlight places like Vlkova26, CemaCema, GrooveBar or LeClan where commercial attitude still doesn’t exist. There is also newly opened place Fututrum providing great events, but we will see where it will go. People here are also enjoying music at Roxy, the biggest club here, but underground spirit disappeared from there long time ago, too commercial without ideas, in my own opinion. For sure I would recommend Polygon or Nite Vibes parties which I do categorise to pop-ups, but they definitely belong to the Czech Republic’s top events. Analock party in cross club doing also great job by bringing live performances full of analog sound. The event called Hakari Sessions will appear in a lot of places in Prague very soon, they will bring really something new what Prague is missing, crossing fingers.

Roman: Check Resident Advisor. Best places are the warehouse places which are used only once or twice.

Clubs: 2. Patro, House Boat Bukanyr and during the summer check Naplavka instead.

What is one of your favorite memories as a DJ or in the audience of a show in the Czech Republic?

Smeti: This would go far to my very beginnings. I’ve played my third live-set in my whole life at the old Prague’s squat called Milada. It was like 50 people there and the atmosphere was absolutely incredible. I don’t think, that you could possibly create such underground feeling nowadays

Arturo: My best memories so far its being playing at the parties of my own promoter, where I can feel the vibe of the crowd enjoying not just to my music but my colleagues and have this feeling that we are going in the right direction.

Alex: As a DJ I do have great memories from CemaCema club, where used to be really good minimal events. As a partyman I really enjoyed some of Polygon and NiteVibes parties last year. This year for me was great analock party with Edward from Giegling.

Roman: There are plenty of them. First Sasha show in Roxy Club for example πŸ™‚

My last show in Roxy club with Ellen Alien was really nice also, and really many others.

The FRISKY Loves series is always a favorite, introducing us to new talent and giving insight into the true underground scenes around the world. You won’t want to miss it! Tune in on May 7th at 9AM EST / 3PM CEST [convert timezone] & listen the the best of the Czech Republic, wherever you are!

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