The Beginning of Wonder from Solefield

Lauren Krieger

My story & the start of Wonder on FRISKY

I’m used to writing these for other people, and it’s definitely strange to write an introduction about myself. I don’t have a list of renowned venues I’ve played at, or popular labels I’ve released a track on, but what I do have is a ceaseless passion for the music that has been driving my life for over 17 years. It has been a constant presence in my mind, a light that illuminates my path, and an energy that always leads me home.

I am so grateful for this music, and for all those whose paths I’ve crossed because of it. To connect with others through FRISKY who share the same passion and love has been such an amazing experience, and I couldn’t be more excited to have the opportunity to be able to share my own personal perspective through Wonder.

The FRISKY crew volunteered to ask me some questions about the show – thanks guys. 🙂

What took you so long to decide to host your own show after being a guest several times on Frisky?

DJing has pretty much always been a personal thing for me, and just being invited as a guest on shows has been surprising and wonderful. I never thought that I had the credentials, so to speak, to create my own show, but always appreciated the opportunity to share through others. Having the option for a quarterly series where I can take the time to create something special is really amazing. I have been telling the stories of the music through words, and now I have the opportunity to tell it through the music. I couldn’t be more excited. 🙂

What can the Frisky audience expect to hear that they may not hear on other shows? Style and/or music wise?

The show will definitely be uniquely me, I can’t help but put something of myself into the music… it’s pretty much serving as my therapy, where anything I am working on or dealing with will be expressed through it. The mixes will share messages, featuring samples from people that inspire me and track selections that tell of a greater story. I will be taking the time to build something distinctive with every episode, aiming to always create a complete journey and theme that flows throughout. The music selections won’t necessarily be the most recent or trendy, but it will always be filled with a mix of beautiful, driving, flowing, progressive sounds.

Why the showname “wonder”, what made you choose that name?

I love the word “wonder” because its two definitions [Be curious to know something / Feel admiration and amazement], each have great value when applied to life. A long time ago I found the Socrates quote “Wisdom begins in wonder” which fascinated me, ultimately leading me to question whether what he’s referring to is being curious or amazed. But over time I have realized that both definitions are valid; if you have a playful and sincere curiosity you will learn and grow exponentially, and if you are able to find amazement in your every day experiences you will find yourself building appreciation for the very act of being alive. It’s a beautiful word, I think, and fits into the way that I try to approach music, art, and life.

What does Solefield stand for? How did you come up with that moniker?

Essentially it represents Oneness, and the idea that there is a single source where all energy and experience originates. It encompasses themes of nature, light, universal connection, and infinity. It started for my photography but ultimately made sense for music, too. My boyfriend gets credit for the creation of that name. 😉

What do you love most about what you do?

I absolutely love connecting with people who are passionate about this music, to hear their stories and their thoughts on life. I’ve discovered how much we have in common, and am intrigued by all the ways that we seem to live differently than the rest. It’s so refreshing and inspiring to talk to people who do what they love, who live their lives to the fullest, are honest in their views, and courageous when it comes to achieving their dreams. And at the core of it all, everyone is so nice, kindhearted, and open minded, and are deeply connected from everywhere around the world. It’s amazing and beautiful, and I appreciate it so much.

What is your Electronic Music origin story?

The very start would have to be a rave I went to in Northern California in ’99 – I was overwhelmed by the incredible love and connection I felt with strangers, the flow of energy and uniting together in a single moment of time. That fueled a desire to hear more, but I didn’t really know what I was looking for. When I went to college the next year, I kept seeking out more of this music, searching Kazaa for DJ mixes, going to a few raves, exploring but not yet finding the really good stuff. Once I was introduced to some new friends who had turntables set up in their basement, spinning Progressive records for countless amazing house party nights, I discovered exactly what I had been looking for. My new friend / future boyfriend the DJ recognized my ever growing obsession and reverently gave me a copy of Global Underground 007. It’s not an over exaggeration to say that CD changed my life. Soon after I started spinning vinyl, left college to go to audio engineering school, and have never stopped being driven, motivated, and enlightened by the music since.

Thank you for reading & for listening! Wonder premieres January 8th @ 6PM EST [convert timezone] – tune in live or on-demand with FRISKY Premium & FRISKY Apps.

Solefield – Wonder