All TGIFRISKY Posts We’ve Ever Done


For more than 3 years we have posted a silly, yet very important message every to mark the best day of the week: TGIFRISKY! TGIF is often mistakenly thought to mean “Thank God its Friday” – but we all know what the F really stands for: FRISKY! So here are all #TGIFRISKY images we’ve posted over the years:

djcattgifrisky TGIFRISKY_catDJ tgifriskystormtrooper batmantgifrisky turnitup


seizethebeat nocakes gladiator tgifriskysouthpark

tgifrisky_ingohead tgifrisky_bitch indyfrisky freddy_vader_tgifrisky

kimjpngill simpson_tgifrisky princecharlesgetfrisky friskycat homealoneTGIFRISKY tgifrisky tgifriskythe13thinternationalwomensday ilovetgifrisky_starwarsThats just some of them.  More later. If you have any of your own, post them on Twitter or Instagram and remember to tag them #TGIFRISKY.