Submerge Says Dance – A New Show from India


Submerge Says Dance

India’s premier Electronic Dance Music artist and promotion agency – SUBMERGE – joins friskyRadio with an exclusive show! The show, hosted by “Shubs” launches on Wednesday, September 22 at 08AM New York City / 1730 Mumbai [Time Zone Converter] and marks the first time friskyRadio is expanding into such a deep partnership with with an artist promotion agency in the Indian sub-continent.

The Indian music scene has undergone a huge metamorphosis in the past decade, giving way to world class electronic music. What started as an underground alternative movement is breaking free today and capturing fans all over the world. Indeed, the world’s top DJs regularly do gigs in cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore – making India a regular spot on the International Dance Music scene. Submerge Says Dance, hosted by DJ Shubs, is all about bringing the Indian dance scene to all you friskyFreaks out there!

Catch the debut show on Wednesday, September 22 at 08AM New York City / 1730 Mumbai [Time Zone Converter] with featured guests DJ Sailen Ghosh and Azhar Meer. For more information check out the Submerge show page.

More about SUBMERGE:
Submerge is a breakthrough concept, and has revolutionized the music and clubbing scene in India. The brainchild of Nikhil Chinapa, DJ Pearl and Hermit Sethi – Submerge was essentially born out of frustration. When we first began in 2003, it was because there was no alternative to the mainstream. No matter where you went, you got the same old music and the same tired experience. So, we created a night that we could play the music that we wanted to hear, that we wanted to move to. We wanted to play the latest tracks from the global club scene because that’s we were into. It wasn’t about catering to the masses; it was about being on the cutting-edge of music, listening to the best in House and trance music.