Stereo Munk

Stereo Munk Shares Stories & Soundscapes on STEREO TALES

Lauren Krieger

For two decades, Stereo Munk has been exploring the depths of electronic music, building his own signature sound which focuses on the journey and the stories of the underground. From his hometown in Islamabad Pakistan, he has been helping push the scene through his DJ mixes and productions. Releases on labels such as Zephyr Music, Clinique Recordings, 3xA Music, Massive Harmony, Soundteller and Big Bells Records showcase his Progressive perspective, with his mixes featuring his eclectic approach to the expansion of electronic music from a variety of genres.

His popular Artist of the Week set introduced him to the FRISKY audience, and we are excited to announce the premiere of his own monthly show on FRISKY: STEREO TALES.

Tune in to the premiere on February 5th @ 12 PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime after on-demand with FRISKY Premium.

Get to know Stereo Munk before the story starts:

Stereo Munk

When did your interest in electronic music first begin? Who were some of your early influences?

My interest in electronic music started when I was 16 – I used to listen to different artists on the radio. My early influences were Robert Miles, Paul Van Dyk, John Digweed, Sasha, I was very influenced by electronic music at that time, I knew that I wanted to dedicate myself to producing this music when I grew up. Generally though listening to electronic music is like a form of meditation, it relaxes me and makes me feel good. Electronic music is the most beautiful and touching form of art, it’s a universal language. It expresses your feelings without saying a word, it’s seeing new colour with your eyes closed.

How has Pakistan’s underground electronic music scene / community changed since you first started? Where do you see the future going?

Electronic music has been around, in one form or another, for the last several decades. The underground scene in Pakistan has kept going for a long time, silently keeping the love for electronic music alive people here do gigs in the form of basement setups or private parties. It still has a long way to go. I think the people are really up for it in Pakistan and most DJs love the hospitable nature + the energy here. People are still discovering newer styles and forms of Dance music and hence show greater enthusiasm.

Stereo Munk DJing

What has been one of the most memorable moments in your music career?

I think my favorite moment as a DJ isn’t just one moment, but every moment I get on the stage and be connected so closely with my fans as we enjoy this crazy passion and energy through sound. Music really does unite us all.

What qualities are most important to you in the music you produce and play?

To me the music I produce and play is about expressing myself. Music is a form of storytelling, it should smoothly touch the mind of all the people who love to listen to electronic music.

Do you have a dream location / venue you’d love to play at and / or a DJ you’d love to B2B with?

Boom, Belgium and I would love to B2B with Guy J 🙂

What do you think are the defining factors of a Stereo Munk set?

For me, a great set isn’t about playing a string of dance floor killers on repeat. Instead it’s a journey that’s always evolving and influencing the listener as it moves through different emotions and soundscapes.

Stereo Munk DJing

If there was one message you could give through your music, what would it be?

Love Peace and Respect.

What are you most looking forward to about having a show on FRISKY?

I am excited to have my show on FRISKY, it will allow people from all over the globe to connect via underground electronic music and create an attachment with each other souls.  It’s a journey that’s just really reflective, of a unique and positive vibe. STEREO TALES places new music in the context of great new talents and influences; to tell a story, to lead listeners on a journey across genres, to find joy and meaning in their lives. The music on offer is consistently electronic and high quality. For example, exploring quality house music from around the globe with each episode focusing on new talents and to support each other’s talents.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Thank you for having me. 🙂