Spacebeat Insomnia: Bringing Energetic Cosmic Rhythm to DEEP

R.A. Bakr

FRISKY News caught up with Spacebeat and chatted about his new upcoming show Insomnia, influences, his earlier years and what he likes to do for fun.

No stranger to FRISKY, Russian producer and DJ Spacebeat has been giving us unique deep hypnotic sounds combing dark, techno, dub, and progressive house elements. As he told FRISKY News, “I like to combine different styles, but at the same time maintain the mood and atmosphere, because sometimes it gets boring to listen to monophonic tracks”.

Born Kirill Bugakov, Spacebeat’s deejay career spans two decades and has been producing since 2005. “I didn’t choose this career, music chose me”, he explained.

Spacebeat’s original tracks and remixes are regularly heard on dancefloors around the world. So, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard his music.

Electronic music producers share a common trait bringing a sense of feeling to their music. The Russian word несёмся [“nesyomsya”] used by Russian partygoers expressing a sense of continuous feeling of excitement and raving – sums it up perfectly. As Spacebeat says, “Feel it [music] in the same way as I feel”.

It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kirill. Welcome to the FRISKY family – I’m excited about our interview! Let’s begin by going back in time a bit. Kindly share with me your backstory – something about your earlier years growing up in Siberia/Russia.

Hello! It is a great honor for me to answer your questions. And of course, I’m damn glad to join the Frisky family. Life in a provincial town is not very bright, everything is calm and measured. But this has its charm.

Interest in music appeared relatively late. Classmates were already listening to Prodigy and Scooter – but for me it was not very interesting. But over time, they stopped listening to this and started listening to pop music. And I, on the contrary, this is when began to get involved in electronic music. I am such a person that for some reason I don’t like something right away.

Conscious interest in electronic music appeared with the purchase of a cassette – Reactivate 12, purchased in 1997. I listened for several hours in a row and with each track I waited for the vocals to begin. But the words never started. The lack of vocals + powerful music really struck me most.

Your stage name/moniker is unique: Spacebeat. Is there any special meaning behind it for you?

At one time I was very passionate about space themes. Knew by heart the sky map. It is also associated with music. Always liked deep space sound. Hence the nickname: Space + beat (groove, rhythm) = Spacebeat.

Share with me your key influences. Who all has played a key role in your development as an artist and what led you to choose this (music) as a career?

I was influenced by lots of artists from different labels: Hooj Choons, Silver Planet, Hope Recordings, Minimal Records, Perfecto, Platipus, Bedrock, and Renaissance to name a few. Despite the obvious love of progressive music, I also like other styles such as ambient, breaks, minimal, techno, drum’n’bass. The main thing is as long as the music comes with soul.

To be honest, I would not call this a career. Unfortunately, I cannot devote all my time to music. And it doesn’t bring earnings at this stage. Therefore, I go to work every morning, but I try to go to another level with music.

How do you capture ideas and manage to keep a fresh sound?

I like to combine different styles, but at the same time maintain the mood and atmosphere, because sometimes it gets boring to listen to monophonic tracks. How well I am doing is judging the listeners. But I always try to do something unique and interesting.

For those who are not quite familiar, kindly describe Russia’s electronic scene.

Well, I do not rotate in these circles for various reasons. There are good producers and DJ’s who make great music, but unfortunately, there is no unity. Perhaps because of this, our country is far behind the west when it comes to this.

When producing music, is either Russian music and/or from other parts of the world have any influence with the music you make?

I absolutely don’t care where the music is geographically made. Music is a unique language of communication. Music unites people of different nationalities and religions. This is the key.

Let’s talk about your FRISKY show Insomnia. By the way, I really love name. I guess because personally I’m always staying awake until the early morning hours, lol. On that note, what will we be hearing from your show Insomnia? Anything special Frisky listeners should look out for?

It will be an energetic mixture of rhythm, cosmic atmospheres and melodies. Recording the mix for me is a real adventure. I like to search for music from different times, not just mix fresh demos. I do not like when stamping begins. Each mix I prepare very carefully and painstakingly. Sometimes, it takes more than one month for me to complete to perfection.

Adding to our previous question, how did you come up with the name and what would you say is behind the meaning?

It’s very simple – I went through the names of old tracks in order to transmit the atmosphere. Electronic club music is mostly for the clubs – hence nighttime and is associated with insomnia.


When not working on your amazing music, what do you like doing for fun?

In winter, I like to snowboard, and I like to swim in the summertime. Of course, most of the time, I spend with my family. This is the fun I like the most.

Favorite food?

Hmmm – Difficult to choose one thing. Lol.

If Spacebeat was turned into a graphic novel/comic superhero, what would your superpowers be?

Of course, be able to fly! [laughs]

Thank you so much, Kirill, for taking time with me and FRISKY sharing your thoughts. It’s been fun! Plus, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and better insight into your musical world. So, before we conclude our interview, do you have any final words?

Thank you Rhanda for such a fascinating interview! And I want to tell the audience – listen to beautiful music and love each other!

Tune into the premiere on July 4th @ 10 AM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.