Soul Collective Works Together for a Deeper Purpose

Lauren Krieger

Soul Collective brings a Deeper Purpose to DEEP

Soul Collective represents one of the most wonderful aspects of underground electronic music: uniting people together through a shared passion and purpose. The duo behind Soul Collective, Amir Telem and Marcel Slottke, have demonstrated this power to the fullest, combining their lives and visions to create a deeply connected and integrated musical experience. Coming from different worlds, they joined together to create their own world, one that you can feel for yourself when you listen to their music. Their message of love, hope, and unity can be heard through the deep melodies and smooth rhythms they intertwine to create dynamic and meditative journeys. Their popular guest mix on Into The Madlands represents this beautifully, featuring a unique blend of styles that tell a special story.

Now they will bringing the Soul Collective message to DEEP with the launch of Deeper Purpose, starting on October 23rd @ 1PM EST [convert timezone]. Before you listen, learn more about the history of this unique team and what you can expect when you connect to their journey through sound.

What is the origin story of Soul Collective?

We met first time as individual artists in Tulum, Mexico and it was like brothers found each other after a long soul ride. From there on the journey was taken together and ‘Soul Collective’ was born. We moved together into our apartment in the East Village, NYC, there we had our music studio where we started to produce music and build this project.

“Soul Collective” stands for unity, brotherhood, respect and dignity – as our core values in our relationship. It also has a philosophical understanding: The unification of people through a collective experience in sound.

How would you describe your relationship as artists and friends?

Our roots are from different worlds and couldn’t be more different. Amir grow up in Israel and Marcel was born in Germany and worked as Creative before he moved to New York. Our connection was special and deep from the beginning we met. Since then we shared everything, even a bunk bed in our New York Apartment.

We’re brothers from other mothers and although we both don’t have a biological one, this is how it must feel like, lol. We inspire each other to be the best version and hold each others back. But the shared vision of music and the deep feeling of a purpose together, let us grow in our collaboration as artists. This became clear when we started to work together on an album.

What do you think makes music, especially electronic music, such an effective way to communicate your philosophy on life?

Music unites individuals regardless of cultural, political or religious background, cause it is a universal language of the soul, based on vibrations and rather felt then identified and translated from the intellect. Electronic music has the ability to combine various genres and to play with life instruments, while using high sophisticated software to tweak and develop sounds in a unique way.

The possibilities are infinite and a wide playground for creative music lovers who are willing to dig into a universe of unlimited sounds and directions. All embedded within the rhythmic deep and meditative feeling that the special combination of bass, kick and percussions create and which many people define as ‘Deep House’.

What have been some of your favorite experiences as musicians?

One of the most remarkable sets in terms of the entire atmosphere was in Tulum, Mexico at a small local festival where we played during a Luna Eclipse. We’ve been setup with view over the beach, while the giant moon was shining on hundreds of dancing people to a special set we created for this night.

A very unique DJ experience takes place every year at Burning-Man at Black Rock City. To bike from one stage to another in the midst of dust storms, to play in giant 360 sound domes or at an uniqorn art car which shots fire out of his horn and bubbles from the back and over 70.000 people who are in perfect synchronicity are moments, which fill you with inspiration and appreciation for the path we took with music.

How would you describe the sound of Soul Collective and your label, Deeper Purpose?

Our dynamic tone ranges from deep and elevating journeys through sound, meditative trips of natural instruments with tribal influences married with the digital sounds of deep house. We love to experiment with special frequencies or unheard components to create new experiences for the listeners ear. Once you realize that the creative process of music has no limits, no rules and infinite possibilities, it becomes a sort of unlimited language to express the depth inside you and to share it with the world.

What do you hope listeners experience when they listen to your show?

Music are sound vibrations which can reach deeper than words or visualizations.

We aim that the experience will be a unforgettable journey of deep emotions as: melancholia, hope, happiness and appreciation for life. We would like to take people “far” on a meditative journey, which will help the listeners to discover themselves and know themselves better through the self discussion with the music we provide. Eventually, we would like to create a deep connection between people to people and between people to themselves.

Tune into Deeper Purpose, premiering October 23rd @ 1PM EST [convert timezone] & listen any time after on-demand with FRISKY Premium & Mobile Apps.

Soul Collective – Deeper Purpose