Floloco & Gimerique Tell Stories Through Sonorous

Lauren Krieger

Electronic music has been Florian’s passion for decades, with his long-lasting appreciation for its impact keeping him deeply involved both behind the scenes and as an artist under the alias Floloco. As a DJ Floloco strives to create an emotional experience whether playing live or compiling a mix, so that listeners will always have the opportunity to get lost in the vibe and join the journey. Moving across genres, he dedicates as much time as needed to forge the perfect track selection in order to tell the story the right way, and believes that “If you feel it, the mission is accomplished!” Aiming to spread the music he loves even further, Floloco founded Schirmchendrink: “the globally regarded collective with the delicious cocktails and an incredibly hard-to-pronounce name.” He is also one half of the deep electronica duo Gimérique, alongside Belgian producer Benoit.

Under his Bigasti alias, Benoit has been recognized for his melancholic approach to the music, with releases on renowned labels including Steyoyoke, Lost Diaries and Einmusik. After their joint DJ set on Schirmchendrink, Benoit and Florian realized that they had begun the start of something special and “Gimerique” was born. Combining Benoit’s melancholia with Florian’s “Floloco groove”, the duo works together “to bring dreamy electronic music into the air with a narrative mix of both deep and thriving elements.” Their first original production, the beautiful and emotional ’Calm at Heart’, was released in Spring 2020 on Harabe Recordings and they are excited to announce more projects that have been in the works this year.

One of these projects is the launch of their new show on FRISKY: Sonorous. Alternating between hosts Floloco and Gimerique, each episode of Sonorous will tell a unique story. Floloco tells us what to expect:

Sonorous stands for an imposing and deep selection of electronic music. Gimérique focuses on deep house and deep electronica, while Floloco, in addition to the before mentioned, might venture an excursion into other electronic music genres from time to time. The recurrent theme, however, will be hypontic vibes – both suitable for dancing or listening at home.

Sonorous also stands for storytelling. Floloco and Gimérique tell stories through each of their sets. Even though Floloco mixes usually are a bit more energized compared to Gimérique’s, do not expect a 60 min string of peaktime bangers. Carefully selecting or even making an outstanding intro is one key element of the success of our mixes. This way the attention of the listeners is guaranteed, and, the emotion of the mix is set. An emotion that will be built-on and built-up during the course of the mix.

All in all, Sonorous is a show for underground electronic music connaisseurs that are willing to be taken on a musical trip. We tend to get goosebumps while listening (and playing) tracks that we love. If we manage to transport these emotions through our sets to our listeners, we consider our jobs as “done”.

Sonorous premieres September 17th @ 12 PM EST [convert timezone]. Tune in live or listen anytime after on-demand with FRISKY Premium.
Learn more from the men behind the music before it begins:


What is the collaboration process like when you work together as Gimérique?

This is something we’re developing and improving with every joint session we’re doing. Obviously, since there is 400 miles between our places, a spontaneous study session is kind of a challenge. So most of the time we discuss ideas on the phone and then either one of us or sometimes both are working on it. This leads to funny results and the realization, that our interpretation of things sometimes varies. However, this also is an exciting part of our creative process, as it often reveals new ideas and unforeseen twists in our work.

Thanks to today’s communication technology we can work on our projects simultaneously by sharing each other’s screen. We organize these sessions when we already have a basic idea of a track in order to deep dive into it and (hopefully) finalize it. The reality is, that we have multiple tracks in this stadium currently and it seems to take forever that we can finalize it…

What do you each admire most about the other?

Florian: Ben is the master when it comes to the production process. Since I just resumed producing from quite a long break, I am glad I can rely on his experience and skills. Ben further follows a very clear path when we’re starting a project while I usually have millions of ideas in my head. He’s the one that is able to sort the right ideas out in order to accomplish the (hopefully) perfect outcome.

Ben: Flo has a big musical culture and experience. His broad diversity in taste generates amazing ideas when it comes to our productions, but also when we prepare a mixtape. I do think that our music is recognizable in the sense that it has that “Gimérique” character, but we always add that special something to it. Flo is always driving this process. He further has very good knowledge of the industry work and a good network thanks to management of the Schirmchendrink project. Finally, it is super nice to work with him and, based on our skills and experience, I know it will lead us to amazing new adventures.

Besides music, what do you enjoy spending time doing?

Florian: With a full time job, a family with two small kids, a dog (the cat doesn’t count since its quite independent 😉), my life currently is pretty full and there is not much time left for anything else. Therefore, I focus on music in my spare time, meaning productions, DJing and managing of my netlabel/podcast Schirmchendrink. However, I love to spend my vacation in the mountains hiking and enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer.

Ben: I also work full time, but my wife and I have no children, so I have all the time of the world – haha in my dreams, maybe..! I think it will always be a trade-off between spending as much time as possible with music vs. paying the bills. But when I do not focus on music in my spare time I like playing tennis, biking and working on our new house. Summers are always busier with sports and outside activities when winters are more dedicated to music. So be prepared what we have to offer next spring!


Who are some of your early influences or inspirations?

Florian: There are so many! Born in the eighties I got in touch with electronic music in the early nineties. I was and still am fascinated by the NYC as well as the French house scene of that time. But my style was also shaped by the more techno/electronica-oriented music in Europe at that time, and later of course. And, since my best friends (they still are by the way) were deeply involved with Hip Hop, I consider the so-called Golden Era of Hip Hop in the nineties but also after the millennium change, an important influence of mine as well.

This is something you probably notice in my sets today: it sometimes is deep, housy or electronica. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow. I like to vary between the genres, as long as it gets me goosebumps, I consider it my genre! I truly love dramatic and emotional music. But, with increasing experience (or age?) I also learned to love the more hypnotic, repetitive, and subtle vibes.

Ben: Before my interest into electronic music (which is far away), I was more into Rock. I used to play the drums a lot in my childhood and already started “producing live” with a small band of friends. Electronic music interest came later when I started to go out in clubs. Paul Kalkbrenner has probably been my biggest inspiration (with his old productions).

What are your top 3 tracks of all time?

Florian: That is always a tough question to answer, let me try with three tracks that spontaneously come into my mind and that still cause me serious goosebumps (despite having listened to them for at least 1’000 times):

  • Etienne de Crecy – Prix Choc
  • Luciano – Rise of Angel (Andrea Oliva Remix)
  • Deltron 3030 – 3030

Now I notice that I forgot Daft Punk – Too Long, with Romanthony’s outstanding vocals, in my opinion one of the best tracks ever made. On the best album ever made. I leave it up to you if you want to add a fourth or not 😊


  • Paul Kalkbrenner – Gebrunn Gebrunn
  • Syl Johnson – It Is Because I’m Black (David August Reconstruction)
  • Kadebostan – Vodka Wedding

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