The SINCOPAT Sound Comes to FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

Sincopat continues their mission to share good music over hype with the premiere of their new show on FRISKY.

With distinctive artwork, diverse sounds, and definitive style, Sincopat has distinguished themselves from among the crowd. Valued for their attention to detail and appreciation for the entire creative process, their aim to release good music over hype has created a loyal following of fans and solidified their place in the industry. Driven by a love for experimentation and eclectic sounds, a wide range of artists have been released on Sincopat, including Dave Seaman, Just Her, Blond:ish, Einmusik, Darlyn Vlys, Nick Warren, and many more breakthrough and established producers.

To further push their passion, Sincopat is launching a monthly 2-hour show that will be featuring something fresh on every episode. Listen to the premiere live on October 15th @ 4PM EST [convert timezone] or listen on-demand anytime, anywhere, with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Go behind-the-scenes of Sincopat with A Day in the Life of Affkt

The men behind the label, Alberto Sola and Affkt, tell us more about their philosophy and what to expect with the Sincopat show on FRISKY:

How did Sincopat first begin?

It started like a home base to release the music we loved. Our first release was seven years ago, but we had worked on it around one year before the label was launched to make it real.

What are some of the main philosophies or goals behind the label?

Releasing good music over hypes and styles is our aim, we are always excited to release music that touch our souls. We are not really focusing in a certain musical style, even though for us is always a challenge to find the right way to release the music so it is understood the way we’d like it to be. Other goal is to launch timeless music, getting the music to be fresh even in the next years. Also we love to get a complete release including each and every item of the launching: promo, artwork, mix and mastering, press, etc.

What drives your decisions on what music to release?

It’s hard to explain but normally when we listen a track for Sincopat we just feel if it is the right one or not, doesn’t take us so much time to decide if the track impresses us. Basically it just has to be special for us.

I’d love to hear about your amazing artwork, can you tell us more about the artist and concept?

His name is Junya Matsuyama, in fact I am right now on my way back home from Japan where I was touring but also I have spent some time with him, we have talked about future ideas for the covers and inspirations, he is such an amazing artist and person.

The concept of our covers is totally connected with the roots and also with how everything in the world is connected, the mandala. We are doing stories in mosaics of 12 parts/covers each, every cover has a concept but altogether become a full story.

What are you most proud of accomplishing with Sincopat?

I guess to see the talent in unknown artists that will after become well known and respected. And knowing that we put so much love and work on every single release, just as an example, many times I am personally mixing the music we release.

What is the best part of running the label?

The best is releasing music of artists you feel are doing something special, and wonder how the world will understand it. To know that our music is being listened and enjoyed in so many different places, just gives a reason for so much work.

Also personally like a producer I am able to go artistically in directions I would probably not go with other labels.

What gets you most excited about the music lately?

Music is a never ending story, there are always new and interesting roads to take, we got some experience along all these years but we feel as fresh as we were on the first release.

A natural step for the label was releasing albums, which has been really exciting for us because it expanded our musical world on a way that is not possible to do it just with EPs.

About the music coming up in the next dates, we are super excited of having such interesting slices of electronic music from all around the globe like Renato Cohen, Einmusik, Audio Junkies, HearThuG and many more!

Can you share with us some of the thoughts behind your guest DJ choices for the Sincopat show, and what listeners can expect to hear?

For the Sincopat monthly show you can expect great music selections connected with the leitmotiv of the label: releasing good music over hypes and styles.

We will try to reach to open minded people with no genre boundaries!

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Listen to the premiere of Sincopat live on October 15th @ 4PM EST [convert timezone] or listen on-demand anytime, anywhere, with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.