Sergio Arguero

Sergio Argüero: Keeping the Beat and State of Mind With ‘Binaural Beats’

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Argentina, without question, has a notable electronic music scene. It has spun out some of the world’s most recognizable names to imminent local DJs pumping scores of driving progressive beats to crowds of euphoric partygoers. No stranger to FRISKY, Buenos Aires based DJ and producer, Sergio Argüero, always gives us a taste of Argentinian Progressive House.

From his first introduction in 2016 on FRISKY’s Pro-B-Tech Radio hosted by Brent Lawson to Nick Lewis’ Universal in 2017, Artist of Week and his most recent Feelin’ FRISKY mix that aired July 2019 – Sergio has become a FRISKY family fixture with his new show, Binaural Beats – a show about connection – a state of mind, “a connection with each listener”.

Sergio’s first notable creative mission began with his production ‘Lola Mora’. During that time, Sergio experienced numerous challenges that included the loss of close relatives. He shared with FRISKY about how much importance Lola has had in his life and influential feelings he poured in the track, “it is mainly dedicated to my mother and my grandmother, two people who were not artists, but who influenced me a lot and gave me great lessons in life”.

It wasn’t until a decade later in 2017 the track was completed. Since then, ‘Lola Mora’ has been remixed by Matt Black, Christian Monique, Axel Terblanche, Valu Rios, and Aluria among others with each artist capturing unique elements. “The most important thing was that they respected the spirit of the song”, explains Sergio.

I asked him about his music transformation and motivations, Sergio responded by saying, “it keeps me motivated…no recipe is better than listening to a lot of music every day”. And further adds, we always have to be honest and do things from the heart”.

Music indeed has an effect on us – just as binaural beat therapy, according to studies, is said to have the beneficial ability to change your state of mind by helping you into a better, happier you.

And when listening to Sergio’s sound – there’s no denying feeling happy and motivated with ambient hints, progressive and moving techno breaks.

Sergio discussed with FRISKY News about personal challenges, motivations and of course, his upcoming show: ‘Binaural Beats’.

Sergio Arguero

Hi Sergio! Even though you are not a stranger to FRISKY – I’d like to welcome you to the FRISKY family. And thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me and FRISKY News. Kindly describe the beginnings of your musical path.

Hello Rhanda, it’s a big pleasure for me have this interview with you. First at all I want to say: Thanks! to all the team & Family from FRISKY, it’s a big, big pleasure for me be part of it from now. Since long time be a big fan for the station and today, I’m full of pride because I’m part of the team alongside a such of great names.

Well, my beginnings in music are based since my teenage years. From when I was 17 years old, I’ve been connected with music. I started in private parties, just for fun with my partner / friend. And in those times, we had a real good time! And closer at 18 years old, I was invited at my first DJ booth for only a couple of hours. It was really insane for me because in that moment and I was pretty exuberated with excitement.

I see that some of your earlier influences include The Cure, The Ramones, Kraftwerk, INXS and a personal favorite of mine Depeche Mode. What other artists (past and present) influence you?

Well, musically speaking all these bands in their measure were of great influence for me. Depeche Mode was the one that marked the path directly to the world of electronica, definitely. Kraftwerk had been a “click” in my head long before, along with another great artist (Jean Michael Jarre), back in the 80’s. He was the “spark” in inspiring the way that concerns the whole concept of electronic music. Basically, and aroused curiosity in this regard at an early age, I think that from being so small and being lucky enough to hear an artist like that, my head opened a lot.

Who all has played a key role in your development as an artist and what led you to choose this as a career?

Undoubtedly who has marked my career and made me make the decision that I wanted that for me, and that I wanted this as a career, was and is a person whom I admire a lot since I was young: Hernan Cattaneo. He is the one I admire deeply and is the only DJ who has reached my soul since the beginning and whom I have been following for many years. In beginnings of his residence in Clubland (Pacha), the shows were already impressive, and even today they still are.

He is an artist who, over the years, I admire more and more, from his professionalism through his career, to what he has achieved with it. Another example for me, is yet another great reference of the Argentine Progressive House scene like Martin Garcia. This has defined the genre in which I feel more comfortable and I like more over the years.

What responsibility do you feel you have as a musician to push the creative envelope?

There is always a great responsibility when it comes to being creative, it is up to everyone to give their best and that the public feels that you are being honest with what you do, and that you do it because you really love music.

Lola Mora’ is a wonderful track you originally produced in 2017 on DNA Digital Records. Since then, it has been remixed by Matt Black, Christian Monique, Axel Terblanche, Valu Rios, and Aluria among others. Each artist captured unique elements to the track itself. Take me through the collaborative and creative process.

Well, Lola Mora was created in 2007 and 10 years later (2017) was that “born”. It was a long process indeed, and you will wonder: Why? Well … Look, I had many experiences throughout those ten years, both personal, professional and many others – in the middle suffered the loss of some close relatives.

It was also my first introduction in the world of production (to be honest the second), since the first one I did was something very rare. And defective sound quality and with another soft type of production, since with Lola, say my First step in Ableton. Lola is a great part, or the most important part of my feelings expressed in a track, it is mainly dedicated to my mother and my grandmother, two people who were not artists but who influenced me a lot and gave me great lessons in life.

In relation to the remixers that I was lucky to include in their Ep’s, it was incredibly good for me and the fundamental premise when composing their remixes was that: although they had a base of the original, but that they felt 100% free to make your own version, and you’ll see that the remixes range from Ambient versions, through Progressive, to some Techno and another Breaks, but the most important thing was that they respected “the spirit of the song”

On that note, if given the opportunity, who would you love to work and collaborate with in the future?

I really admire today many artists and with whom I would love to work, among them the ones I like the most are: Alfonso Muchacho, Ian Dillon, Bruno Andrada, VA O.N.E., among others. And to tell the truth, today in the local progressive scene, we have great new examples and would not rule out working with any of them in the very near future.

Let’s discuss your show ‘Binaural Beats’. Love the name by the way. As you know, binaural beats are generally designed to entrain the brain in meditative state often referred to as mindful awareness in the present moment. Tell me more about your show’s meaning.

Thank you very much R! It means a lot to me! Precisely that is the meaning that I wanted to give the name of the show, and what I want to have with each mix, because “Binaural Beats”, I think it’s more than a show name, it’s a state [of mind]. It will be a connection – a connection with each listener who wants to hear it.

My first idea for the name of the show was: “432 Hz”, but it didn’t seem right, but although the meaning and where I was aiming at what I wanted to convey, but definitely “Binaural Beats” I thought it was the right one.

As for the best definition I can give about “Binaural Beats” is: “Binaural beats therapy is an emerging form of soundwave therapy in which the right and left ears listen to two slightly different frequency tones yet perceive the tone as one”.

And I would love that each listener enjoys the show and can take it to each of those four categories of frequency in each set.

What can we expect to hear from Binaural Beats? Any new material and or special surprises we should be on the lookout for?

I will do my best in each show and where you can listen to my selection of the best tracks of the month by my favorite artists, and their freshest productions occasionally as surprises. I can tell you that the audience can also listen to great guest mixes. You must stay tuned to Binaural Beats!

When producing music, how influential would you say is music from Argentina and/or from other parts of the globe have on the music you make?

At present, the Argentine production scene is going through an excellent moment, but nevertheless many parts of the rest of the world are also equally very important. We have a lot of emerging artists, but I can’t forget to mention other parts of the world, United Kingdom, Greece, India and (I don’t want to forget anyone), all continents have great champions in the world of the Progressive scene (past and present). All this makes a perfect combination at the time of production and have a much more extensive fan with dyes of different colors

Since your music journey began, in what way(s) has creating music transformed you? And what keeps you motivated on a daily basis?

Basically, it keeps me motivated to listen to too much music every day! It is the best that we can all do, both to make good new productions or good mixes, it is always good to listen to different artists and to be able to absorb a little of what they do and transform it and that way to be able to create their own style, I think. But no recipe is better than listening to a lot of music every day.

What are the biggest challenges you encounter in creating music and have had within the industry?

In my particular case, one of my biggest challenges was when I wanted to launch my first Ep, Lola Mora. It was hard to find a stamp that I wanted to have and edit it. I will not deny, it was very difficult. More than anything because it was my first production and wasn’t as well known.

And for that same reason and after a year of searching, I decide to take a more important step – opening (and maintaining) my own label, DNA Digital Records. That was also an idea that I had been thinking for a long time ago, which I wanted to generate projects for emerging artists and friendly producers. It’s like, why not have my own productions label to help launch and propel them in the scene.

Today it is very difficult for anyone who wants to start within the field of electronic music that a label gives a return about a track that sends, many spend months without receiving news, others get discouraged, others continue and continue until they manage to edit for the first time.

I was lucky in my particular case that I had great friends who pushed me to have my own label and gave me their support to remix me and build a path within the electronic industry today. Anyway, I think we always have to be honest and do things from the heart and be of quality, if we want to have a chance.

Sergio Arguero

Okay, now, let’s do something I like to call: Fun Question Time😊

Besides making music, what do you like to do for fun?

My favorite hobbies are as I told you before, especially music, but if I’m not with that I like to enjoy my free time riding a bike, it’s one of my favorite things, it relaxes me a lot and my mind is 100% free . Another thing that I also love to do is futbol, I’m a fan! And by the way watch movies or series on one of the best-known platforms, since I don’t like current television.

What artist and/or genre of music would we be surprised to know you listen to?

I am very open to many styles of music, in my case usually, when I do not listen to electronic music, I go from rock, I go through jazz (another favorite genre), and experimental music, but something I rarely say is that I usually listen to Bossa Nova, in my moments of relaxation – I like to listen.

You’re given 3 wishes, what would they be and why?

First of all, health, since without that it would be impossible to ask for something else, on the other hand I would ask for well-being for myself and my family and finally to have the house of my dreams in my favorite place in the world …. Mar del Plata.

If you were a superhero what would your name be and what powers would your character have?

Plastic man! [laughs] Because many times I feel that I have the ability to make time and day have much more than 24 hours since I try to make things in duplicate.

This has been fun my friend. On behalf of FRISKY News, I want to express my gratitude for taking time with me and FRISKY in sharing your thoughts. And so, before we conclude our interview, do you have any final thoughts?

First of all, I wanted to thank you Rhanda for your kind interview, I felt very comfortable and you have been very kind at all times and to the entire FRISKY team. I also want to take this opportunity to thank everyone once again! And I am so honored to be a part of this wonderful family from now on, which is a great responsibility. I feel happy. I hope you enjoy each show, and that we can connect! Have a great rest of the year and don’t forget to tune in every 3rd Wednesday of each month “Binaural Beats” – Truly, Sergio Argüero

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