Journey to Sounds Paradise with Sergey Tarasov

Lauren Krieger

As a guest on Chillout Sundays, Waves, and as our CHILL Featured Artist, Sergey Tarasov has already made his impact on the CHILL fan. His melodic and mystical atmospheres are mixed with incredible smoothness, and his dedication to expressing his own emotions through music is evident in the different journeys that each set takes you on. Now he will be joining FRISKY full time with the launch of his own show: Sounds Paradise.

As we recently caught up for an interview to introduce him to the FRISKY audience, I wanted to dig a little deeper into what makes him who he is as an artist and what role the music plays in his everyday life. By sharing his personal photography with us we get a visual representation of the sounds that he creates, while he also takes us behind the scenes of his studio and into nature.

Sergey Tarasov

I liked music since I was a kid. When I was 9 months old, I was standing in my bed and dancing while my father’s old stereo system was playing. At that time, I also used to close my eyes, dream, and make up some story. Perhaps, it was then when I truly started my immersion into the world of music. 

Now, I would like to welcome you, as a listener, to my audio-making studio, where the music is born, some of which you could have already found and listened to on FRISKY. In my studio, I’m currently working on new content in the Studio One platform. I’m choosing my favourite musical instruments and making recordings with the use of drums and percussion. After the recordings are complete, I’m proceeding with mastering and final touches. I’m adjusting the quality of sound to ensure its overall standards. I find it’s important to give myself a break, because while working on recordings, it’s not hard to miss important details which are easy to skip if you’re getting used to process of work. Artistic work sometimes requires you to step aside and withdraw yourself from the repetitive studio dedication, by spending some time with the nature, where you could get new ideas and motivation. Creating a new soundtrack is a very dragging process that takes lots of effort and time, which is easy to lose control of.

Currently, I’m recording my new radio show on FRISKY, which is called “Sounds Paradise“, where together with our listeners we are going to take off into the exciting world of electronic music: Downtempo, Chillout & Ambient. I will get to know my valued listeners with some of the amazing producers that make great music, thanks to what our radio show will pass on its special and unique message of a beautiful sound.

My ideal day is when I go out for a morning promenade to spend some time with the nature, where I get new inspirations for creating my next great hit. I usually take my camera with me wherever I go, so I could shoot great scenery when I come across it. My father liked to do photography and video footage, and I think that’s why I like it to.

At present, I’m learning how to produce fascinating video footage, and dreaming of making my own video clip that will accompany my music, as well as my experiences with the nature and travel. I’m inspired by professional video clip makers such as Sam Kolder and Ben TK. I’m moving forward with my passion about sound and video, and I have goals to strive for in my life.

Tune in to the premiere of Sounds Paradise on April 20th at 10 AM EST [convert timezone] or you can listen anytime after with FRISKY Premium.