Scott Williams

The Return of Scott Williams’ Obsessions

Lauren Krieger

A popular listen on past FRISKY Fridays (aka TGIFRISKY), Scott William’s Obsessions was a continuous resource for music that ends your week off right and gets you ready for the weekend ahead. Ranging from dark and moody to upbeat and flowing, Obsessions was created with the intention of taking the listener to another level through quality selections of deep, meaningful underground electronic music. After taking a break at the end of last year, Scott is bringing Obsessions back to FRISKY again, ready to showcase his long-established yet ever building passion for electronic music through mixes that represent its powerful potential.

With an appreciation for track selection that befits a true lover of the art of DJing, Scott has been steadily growing his reach not only through his mixes but through his own productions. Capturing the essence of progressive, releases like his remixes of Ewan Rill’s Winners, Gonza Rodriguez’ The Sound of My Mind, and Difstate’s Memories of You showcase a definitive blend of melody, rhythm, flow and drive. Along with the return of Obsessions, Scott shares that he also has new music on the horizon, which listeners can look forward to hearing on his show.

I caught up with Scott Williams to learn more about the past of Obsessions and what we can expect for the future:

Scott Williams

What first drove you to begin Obsessions?

I love putting a selection of tracks together, before I started producing, I would DJ in my basement for hours on end. I loved mashing tracks, long mixing & long buildups, a few of my buddies would come round for pre-drinks at my place and we’d jam, more often than not, we would end up throwing a house party.  So when I got the opportunity to host my own show, to share my stories with people all over the world, not just the ones in my basement, it just felt so natural. 

What did you enjoy most about hosting the show & what are you looking forward to about starting again?

Before moving abroad, I’d spend hours every week searching for new music for the show, now this is no different from any other dj these days. By spending that time digging deep into multiple electronic genres it gave me so much inspiration for my own tracks. Now that i’m settled back home and have more time on my hands i’m looking forward to digging deep again for the finest tracks to put on the air for the listeners. 

Is there anything you missed during the time you took a break? What made you want to do it again?

Music in general. We can’t live without music in our lives, it’s one of the best forms of expressing our feelings while being creative. We can get so wrapped up in day to day life that we bottle feelings and don’t express ourselves. The fact I can put together music I love and play it to the listeners on FRISKY, whilst having a great time, well, that’s enough to put a smile on my face.

What has been inspiring or exciting you within the music lately?

I recently got together with a few of my music buddies of mine, we’d been talking at the local pub about how we should do a little jam and see what comes of it. So we got together and linked the laptops. Before we knew it we’d put out a whole track! For each of the following 3 sessions, we had produced a new track. That gave me the kick I needed to start producing some originals. So that was pretty inspiring and exciting at the same time! Can’t wait to play them on the show in the coming months.

What about outside of the music? What else do you enjoy doing?

I’ve recently become a bit of a gym enthusiast, started boxing a couple of months ago, not that I’ll ever go professional! Also since the summer has hit us now I bought a kayak, so I can spend afternoons on the sea and then head to the studio to make some new music. All in all it’s been great to get back to Malta and spend time with my family and closest friends. It’s all about finding the right balance, and I’m happy I’ve found it.

If there was one thing you could be known for (as a DJ or otherwise), what would it be?

It’s funny this, I’ve become quite famous for not answering my phone. So I definitely want to fix that!

In terms of music, for me personally, I just enjoy putting together a show and spending time being creative, if anything comes of it and people like what I make, that’s more than I could ever expect or ask for. 

Is there a particular message or story you aim to share through your music?

I feel that every episode of the show portrays a different mood, feeling or emotion. Some months it can be really progressive and full of energy, other months can be a bit slower and darker. My main goal is that I’ve got heads bobbing and feet tapping, getting everyone in a positive and energised state of mind, ready for the weekend ahead! 

What would you most like listeners of Obsessions to experience?

Everyone is so different these days, but if I would say something to experience at least once. It would be Hernan Cattaneo B2B with Nick Warren. It doesn’t matter where, just get to one of these shows. Everyone involved on the night, the crowd, the DJ’s, just make for a once in a lifetime feeling. 

Obsessions is back on TGIFRISKY, starting on June 14th @ 12 PM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime / anywhere after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription & FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Listen to the back catalog now: