Get On Board with Sanzy’s Nautical Miles

Lauren Krieger

With a perpetual passion for spreading quality electronic music to his local scene, Sanzy has been continuously performing across Singapore and Malaysia, bringing his deep, melodic, and moving sound to the dance floor. His love for the music which has been with him throughout all of his travels, on sea and on land, seeps through his genre blending and finely tuned mixes. Inspired by DJs like Steve Lawler, Deep Dish, Sasha & John Digweed, and Dave Seaman, Sanzy ventured deep into the Underground world and found his focus. For over a decade he has been motivated to bring soulful electronic music to the people, whether that’s through promoting events, supporting the local scene, or playing his own distinctive style. With some serious studio time on the schedule, it won’t be long before his influence will spread even further through his own productions.

Previously featured on Nightlights, FRISKY Loves Singapore, and Artist of the Week, Sanzy will now be reaching across the globe with own show on FRISKY: Nautical Miles. Premiering on July 17th @ 7PM EST [convert timezone] & Nautical Miles can be listened to on-demand & offline anytime after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription and FRISKY Mobile Apps.

What is new and exciting in your world right now?

I Just got back from a family holiday at my hometown in Kerala, India. Life has been good of late, I’ve been slightly busy with my professional shipping work & with the Ramadan fasting & holiday in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (the city I live in) I’ve kinda taken a short break from nightlife & gigs for a while… I had a pretty good 12 months leading up to now, and I have been very fortunate to play at some great venues like Elysium, Le Noir, Jiro, Privi, Pisco bar & Kyo in KL plus a few pop up events in Singapore/ Myanmar & India too… I have some gigs lined up for the upcoming months in KL & Singapore for the 2nd half of the year.

What are your goals for this year?

I’m finally able to put in some quality studio time. This has always been my goal ever since I started out, but the past few years due to personal & family commitments I couldn’t really concentrate & focus on it. I have been doing some re edits/ bootlegs when ever I could occasionally, but I feel it’s the right time to enhance my skills further and educate myself more in the field of music production. I’m happy to mention that my good friend, DJ/ producer Rory Gallagher (Westseven/ Soul de anima) has been kind enough to train me in his amazing studio in KL, and I have signed up around 40 hours of studio time with him which is scheduled for the next 4-5 months of this year. By the end of it I’m hoping I will be in a better position to put out some original tunes & maybe even test a few out on my Nautical Miles show, and try and find a few good labels and hopefully get some of it signed. But that’s a long process which I’m well aware of, and I’m hopeful I can justify myself first with the sound I make as I’m very particular about what I put out… So in short I’m seriously focusing on music production, and I’m very excited and looking forward to see myself as a decent producer in the near future.

Is there a particular sound that you are loving to mix lately?

I always have a thing for melody. My sound over the past decade as a DJ has covered numerous styles & genres and I’m thankful I have had a rich experience of listening and playing to many genres from the early days such as RNB / HIP HOP / Classical house/ Top 40’s / Progressive house, Melodic Uplifting trance, Techno, Tech house to modern day Afro Influenced house & Dreamy melodic House from labels such as All day I dream/ Anjunadeep & Lost & Found… As long as I feel a particular track can fit into my mix and can be part of the entire puzzle without interrupting the journey & flow I have set forth in my mind, I would play it irrespective of who the artist / label or the genre is. In terms of my Nautical Miles shows you can expect a sound that varies in between hypnotic Melodic deep to progressive house and techno….

What vibes or energy are most important for you to share through your music?

I always like to have an emotional connect with my music. That being said, I don’t forget the importance of keeping the dance floor intact when I play at clubs… Hence the sound I put forth in my mixes/radio shows are much more special as I tend to experiment more and feature a lot of tracks that I don’t really get to play at clubs…

If you could narrow it down, what is your favourite part of being a DJ?

My favourite part of being a DJ is just playing music and enjoying it with several other like minded people. Everything else is secondary…

As long as I can keep both myself and the crowd happy and comfortable I believe I have done a decent job…

I love building up a night and playing solid warm up sets as I feel that’s the real skill and challenge that any DJ must always focus on & especially for someone like me as I get to warm up for touring international & regional DJ’s. I feel the more solid warm ups I play the better chances I assume I would get to be featured by the venues or promoters in their future events…

How do you think the Singapore & Malaysia scenes have influenced your style?

I have been living in South East Asia since 2006, I studied in Singapore and then was lucky enough to find a good job and marry a Singaporean (who I met during one of my gigs when I was playing rnb & hip hop back in 2010 ;))… I recently moved to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in 2015 to manage some of my professional shipping work. I travel often to Singapore for both personal & professional work and I’m very happy to have connected and made friends with some amazing people in both cities…. Back in the day I was lucky enough to see some great artists play at Ministry of Sound & Zouk Singapore such as Danny Tenaglia /Steve Lawler / Secret Cinema/ Egbert / Nic Fancuilli / Guy Gerber / Guy j / Dmirty from Paris & many others, plus the annual Zouk out events from 2007-2012 which I never missed featured some really fantastic names like Richie Hawtin/ Carl Cox/ John Digweed/ Above & Beyond/ Armin van Burren, Paul Van Dyk/ Seth Troxler/ Booka Shade/ Dennnis Ferrer/ Dubfire/ Aldrin (SG) to name a few… All these artists have had a huge impact on my sound over the years.

Ever since I moved to Malaysia I have been soo amazed to see how people party here in KL. The energy that you get in Kl clubs is amazing & some of the nights go on until 8 am, especially Sweatbox Saturdays at Elysium. And there are soo many talented local & foreign DJs who call KL home and have been making a huge impact on the scene. I have been very lucky to be able to make friends with some of them and also play alongside and kinda rub off their musical influence to my sound too…

Can you share the story behind the name “Nautical Miles” and what it means to you?

I’m a shipping professional by day and music is something that lives & breathes in me… Nautical Miles also has a small story behind it too, it was one of those earlier days in 2008 (age 22) when I was very new to djing & still exploring my sound and life, I had the chance to sail in one of our ships to study and get a hands on feel on operations and other aspects of crew life etc… I had 7 days with a laptop filled with a lot of underground music and no internet. I decided to experiment and record a few mixes every night and named it nautical miles, and would listen to it the next evening watching beautiful sunsets and the ocean pass by… I put out those mixes and shared it to some of my friends and had pretty decent reviews… Ever since I have stuck to that name for my podcast series which I also had featured on another online radio station TENZI.Fm from India back in 2012 for a short while… I’m really happy I can bring back NAUTICAL MILES series to Frisky radio & I’m very certain I can push it to another level with my melody influenced grooves on a monthly basis to a bigger & wider worldwide audience….

Nautical Miles premieres July 17th @ 7PM EST [convert timezone] & can be listened to on-demand & offline anytime after with a FRISKY Premium Subscription and FRISKY Mobile Apps.

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