Samir Kuliev brings his Sense of Rhythm to FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

Samir Kuliev spreads the art and magic of electronic music on The Sense of Rhythm

Samir Kuliev has been spreading his “Chustvo Ritma/Sense of Rhythm” vibes across Moscow and around the globe since 2000, as a full time DJ and promoter, with his popular Megapolis radio show, and through his Chustvo Ritma Record Label, which recently celebrated its second anniversary. The passion and energy he brings to each role has created a dedicated following, making his show one of the most popular in the country, while building connections with deep progressive and techno fans and peers alike. His eclectic sets on FRISKY brought on even more new listeners, earning him a weekly Top 10 spot with each guest mix, including his Artist of the Week mix which contains a stellar blend of old and new progressive tracks.

Now he’s bringing his Sense of Rhythm to FRISKY full time, with a monthly broadcast premiering on Wednesday May 11th at 1PM EST [convert timezone]. With the philosophy that “electronic music can express the deepest thoughts, emotions, beauty and true human greatness”, every episode will invite listeners to dive into the music and discover all that it has to offer.

Before launch, we catch up with Samir to go deeper into his world:


What is your “electronic music origin story”? (The first time you knew this music was going to be a big part of your life)

First I’ve heard electronic music in 1996 when I was a student. It happened in the «Quadro» club in Krasnodar city . This club was opened by the British company in the center of the ordinary Russian city, and was equipped with the latest technologies. I heard there a track that changed my consciousness, it was a composition of BT – Flaming June in Chicane project remix. My world had changed, I realized that electronic music is an area that I want to do, I began to learn more about it. While in Russia, in the 90s, it was difficult to get information with out Internet, there were no literature about electronic music. I started to attend the very night club «Quadro» in wich I met with high-quality electronic music. I almost lived there. I began to meet local DJs, more communicate with people who devoted my interest in electronic music. And as more I plunged into this exciting world, the more I realized that we know nothing about it. While the real rave revolution took place in Europe with bright DJs who have become the leaders of this trend, in Russia we knew nothing about it unfortunately. As Socrates said: “I only know that I know nothing”. And then this information vacuum had led me to the dream that someday I open a radio show in which in an interesting way will tell people about club culture, its personalities and that electronic music is not an empty sound, but a form of art.

What do you think are some of the most important aspects that make up quality electronic music?

The most important aspects of electronic music for me – the talent multiplied to the efficiency and good taste. The taste can be developed by listening to the compositions of great artists who create in different styles and directions from the classic to electronic music. I believe that in the work of DJ who write studio mixes the main role playes the taste, which helps him to present to the listeners the intresting spectrum of compositions reflecting his mood. When the DJ works before an audience at the club, he should not just reflect his taste preferences in the dj set, but should be in connect with the audience, like a true artist.

What has been one of your highlights as a DJ so far?

I remember the miracle times when I discovered electronic music and the as more I plunged into this bizarre world, then more I began to learn about artists who worked in it. Of course I underline my favorite musicians. I return again and again to their music to get inspiration. These are Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Muir, Danny Tenaglia, John Creamer & Stephane K, Lexicon Avenue, Hybrid, the early works of artists such as Chicane, Bt, Paul Oakenfold.


Is there anything you’re really looking forward to coming up this year?

This year, a have different plans and hope a lot of them will come true. My 2 years old label continues to produce music of interesting artists, together with like-minded team we continue to organize parties, introducing the Russian audience with talented musicians from Russia, Europe and America. We are looking forward the launching of “The Sense of Rhythm” radio show on Frisky. We have in plans our traditional trip to Ibiza, where we will have a party on which I will play my set. And there, on the White Island, legendary Space club is going to close, so this time the trip to Ibiza will be for me a kind of farewell-ritual with this great club.

Is there a message you hope to send through your sets or productions?

Bob Dylan had said that God invented music to declare the love to humanity, and musicians and DJs are postmen transmitting this message to the world. I would like my sets to be the one more opportunity for the listeners to escape from the reality in which so many wars, hatred and fear. Well, if my work will able to bring peace to the planet I would absolutely happy. I wish to all Frisky radio listeners Frisky peace and oceans of love.

Thank you Samir!

You’ll definitely want to be a part of this launch! Be sure to tune in to the premiere on May 11th @ 1PM EST, online or anywhere with the FRISKYiOS2 App. Check out the show page for more details:

The Sense of Rhythm