SAB Mexade

MEXADE: In Pursuit a Deeper Journey with SAB

Lauren Krieger

Seyit Ali Başer, or SAB as he is known, is bringing his “sonic pursuit of a deeper journey” to FRISKY with the premiere of his new show MEXADE. Meaning “Truth” in his local language of the Black Sea region, MEXADE represents the “truths and lies that form our lives”, as told through his carefully crafted musical selections. Seeking to create connections with audiences who resonate with the stories he tells, SAB’s mixes are journeys through dark progressive interspersed with deep melodies and inspired by his long-standing relationship with the power of electronic music.

Tune into the premiere live on September 9th @ 11AM EST [convert timezone] or listen anytime on-demand with FRISKY Premium. Get to know SAB and get ready for the adventure into MEXADE:

What first drew you into electronic music? Can you share one of your favorite moments that inspired you to dive deeper into the music?

I first met electronic music when I came across Tiesto in the playlist I opened to play in the background while playing video games at the age of 14. After I found out about Tiesto, I discovered songs they made with Yahel and liked him more. Especially the “Butterfly” song has very impressed me. I still feel and experience the music with the same enthusiasm.

How has your taste or style has changed or evolved since you began? What has stayed the same?

The only thing that hasn’t change is how I feel. First I begin with Trance and Psy-trance because of Yahel. Later, I started to lose interest in Trance which has begun to publish similar songs repeatedly and didn’t have the same taste. After trying other styles for a while, I turned my route to Progressive music. I still enjoy it like the first time and try to show these feelings to my followers.

What is important for you to accomplish as a DJ and producer?

I should be able to innovate by creating new elements to give different things to my listeners. I’m using this mindset a lot in my production process.

What do you aim to bring to the listener with every mix you make or track you produce?  

The most important thing for me is to appeal to a specific audience and keep this bond ongoing. By creating my mixes with a storyline I think i achieve to maintain my relationship with my listeners. I really enjoy it when they step into my journey and feel the same with me. Even they sometimes make comments explaining their senses by understanding my feelings on a deeper level. This is truly a magical moment.

Is there a particular sound or style that resonates most with you? What do you love to hear in your music?

As I said before, it draws me in when a mix or a single track tells a story. From a different point, it sometimes feels like mourning for me. Trying to understand the music while listening, getting lost in it, and making yourself a part of that music come first because I can find this in the Progressive style most.  I would like to thank the artists who put this music on our table for their efforts.

What does MEXADE mean to you? What do you hope listeners experience when they listen to your show?

I try to name my tracks based on a local language used in Black Sea region called “Lazca”. “Mexade” means “True” according to this local language. I prefer to name it like that to match my monthly broadcast on Soundcloud called “Gasla”. It refers to the truths and lies that form our lives.

If you ask me what I hope from the audience to experience my music, I would say a sentence like: “Sonic pursuit of a deeper journey.”

What are you looking forward to about having a show on FRISKY?

You can absolutely be sure that I will prepare my mixes with care and we will go on a deep journey together. It is my goal to attract my audience to here too. Thank you very much to the Frisky team for giving me this opportunity.