Robert R. Hardy Gets DEEP with Interpolation

Amber Long

Get ready as Robert R. Hardy’s new show Interpolation launches on DEEP

It’s fair to say there is no greater name to recognize these days than that of Robert R. Hardy. In the past couple years, his productions have come to dominate the charts, being played worldwide by the biggest artists around. Recently, Robert’s career has taken flight in a new way, seeing him begin touring internationally. In trying to reach him for an interview, I noticed he was off again, this time to the beloved country of Argentina.

Robert Reisz aka Robert R. Hardy is on a roll! And there seems to be no stopping him now. Easily, considerable one of the most prolific artists in the scene these days, we at Frisky Radio had to invite him on board by offering him his own radio show.

Happily, he said yes and Interpolation launches on April 17th at 12 PM EST [convert timezone].

Recently, dear friend to Robert, Fernando Ferreyra posted on his Facebook, “It will be hard to do this week’s Dreamers show without using Robert’s tracks.” And for many of us, this is likely true. How many sets have you played in the past few years that have included one or more Robert R. Hardy tracks? Personally, I bet there’s one in every mix and definitely one or two at live gigs. Robert’s sound is now a staple in the realm of Progressive House.

When I checked Robert’s Beatport page, I took a triple take at the number of tracks he has. Granted some are remixes and other people remixing his tracks, licensed tracks, etc. but the number is still staggering. Since 2013, Robert has approximately 750 tracks tied to his name. He can be found on Suffused Music, Massive Harmony Records, Balkan Connection, Manual Music, Superordinate Music and those are just a few from 2017!

Robert’s name, ever-present in Hernan Cattaneo’s weekly Resident, showed up not once, not twice, but three times on Armin Van Buuren’s warm up mix from ASOT 800 this year at Ultra Music Festival. He was also voted as one of Beatport’s Top 50 Progressive House Artists of 2016. Robert has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry creating some of the biggest tunes in the industry. It is said there is no such thing as overnight success and fame but if Robert R. Hardy keeps moving like he is, he will expedite the process.

My own experience with Robert began about 4 years ago. I had posted some downloadable vocals for anyone to use and he sent me his track that he made with them, Nautical Mile. It was given away as a free download ages ago by Robert and even though it’s not on either of our Beatport pages, I still play it from time to time.

Fast forward to this past year, Robert sent me the instrumental for Fade in my Dreams and wholeheartedly embraced my original vocal arrangement. He made our project feel like a collaboration, 100%, valuing my input. It felt great!

Not only that, when we decided to put out the remix EP, Robert was the one who asked Erich Von Kollar and Michael A. Robert R. Hardy made the remix EP happen. The only thing he has asked for in the whole process is if I’d ask Silinder and Robert Mason to do the other two remixes. And the rest, they say, is history.

Instead of being able to interview Robert for this article, since he is off doing great things in the world of music, I felt that highlighting and showcasing even just a few of his many accomplishments is important. I work with a lot of people and can honestly say there is something very special about how passionate and yet, humble, Robert Reisz is. He is an active participant in the music he makes and the people he works with, something beautifully unique about him.

Let’s all show our support and appreciation for all his hard work by tuning into his inaugural show on DEEP, premiering April 17th at 12 PM EST [convert timezone]. It is sure to be just a taste of the Progressive House delicacies that Robert has in store for us in the future.

If you want to hear more of Robert R. Hardy’ music you can find him here:

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