Exclusive Premiere from Robert Babicz – Above All The Colours EP

Lauren Krieger

Robert Babicz brings his style and substance to Armadillo Records’ latest release

The recently launched Armadillo Records, a label designed as “a showcase for eclectic, downtempo tunes that you can listen to over and over again.” is releasing its second EP from Robert Babicz entitled “Above All The Colours”. The talented producer who has an ear for a wide variety of genres is right at home on Armadillo, building a three track EP that has something for everyone and a little magic thrown into each tune.

‘Above All The Colours’ is a mystical Eastern influenced slab of chilled blissed goodness. Some luscious pads and cool simple percussion add depth to proceedings, and we have ourselves a thing of beauty. Dreamy and warm, and then the beats land…

‘History Is BW On TV’ is a chiming melodic tinkling gem, with wondrous layers, creating a fantastical soundscape. Thoughts of summers day, lying in a field of freshly cut grass emerge as meeting a trippy chasm of goodness.

‘Burning Close To The Core’ may only be short and sweet, but its power is in its simplicity. Beautiful key changes and plenty of depth here as this magical wonder unfurls its magic.

“All Above The Colours” will be released on April 7th & FRISKY News has the exclusive “Burning Close To The Core”, which Robert Babicz describes as:

“The feeling when you are one foot away from the edge of a burning volcano, and you don’t jump.”

Robert Babicz Burning Close To The Core


Want more? Listen to Babiczstyle now:

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