Riley Bee

FRISKY is Getting Flooded with Junk Mail from Riley Bee

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Riley Bee is making her FRISKY return after a break of self-reflection and music exploration.

You may remember her as Riley Warren – which was her moniker for over 15 years. In 2016 she decided to start taking a hiatus from music and deejaying and took a more personal focused journey.

“I thought it would be a great time to reinvent myself to something that fits who I am now, rather than who I was then”, she said. It was during this time, Riley decided to focus on sound production for film and movie projects.

Her show Junk Mail, will incorporate much of her film production work and of course the Riley we all remember – jumping right into the energy letting the music flow to the beat.

Premiering January 14th, tune in every 2nd Tuesday right here only on FRISKY.

Riley Bee

After a two-year break, this is so exciting having you back on FRISKY. How does it feel bringing your show ‘Junkmail’ back?

Thank you. Wow. It feels really great. It’s something that had been on my mind for a while; I just wanted to make sure the timing was right. There is no other place I’d rather be. Frisky has always felt like home and treated me like family. Very excited to bring JunkMail back home.

Speaking of: You were recently Artist of Week, does this give FRISKY listeners a glimpse into the musical journey we get to experience from the “new reinvented” Junkmail?

It was great getting to spring back into action with an AOTW show, and I would have to say in answer to your question, yes… mostly. The AOTW shows are two hours long, which allows much more time to develop and get going. JunkMail will be one hour, so it’s going to jump right into the energy, more or less. The first JunkMail is special since it will be my first show in almost three years, so it starts a little slow and builds. It ends pretty energetic though. I’m really hoping to incorporate lots of film soundtrack style stuff into JunkMail. We will see.

I see you’ve done some self-exploration during these past couple years. Is it true you changed your Dj moniker? Kindly share with us the story behind this change.

Yes. I dropped the Warren and picked up Bee. I felt like I had lived through Warren and truly explored all that that moniker had to offer. Stylistically, I think I’ve changed enough to deserve something that reflects who I am now. Riley Bee is actually much closer to my actual name too.

Looks like you also discovered different facets of audio and post-production sound for film. Tell me more about this.

When I hung up my DJ headphones for the last almost three years, it was to focus more on film sound. I apprenticed with a friend, who happens to also be an exceptional producer and used to tour with Sasha & Digweed back in the day. He quit deejaying and went into film sound as well.

They say that most music producers, once they are over all the travel and nightclubs, get in to film sound because there is minimal travel and you can still be musically creative. Makes sense.

That was my goal. During my time focusing on that, I did the sound for a 90-minute feature film, and many short projects and commercials, including a couple films that went to film festivals and won! I got to see my work on the big screen as well. It felt pretty awesome.

How would you describe your growth as an artist?

While doing film sound, I explored stereo and surround sound and really fell in love with feeling the motion of sound in space. To hear a sound zip through a room and around your body is a pretty amazing sensation. I’d like to explore more of that in my show.

Riley Bee live

Let’s turn to your show, Junk Mail. For those that will be tuning in and listening to your show for the first time, how would you describe the meaning of your show’s name?

Really, it’s quite a funny story. Ten years ago, when I first reached out to FRISKY, it was just a blind email to whoever got it since I didn’t personally know anyone that ran it. So, the headline of my email said, “NOT JUNKMAIL”. When all was said and done and I had a show and was asked what I would like to call my show, the team at Frisky suggested JUNKMAIL and we all loved it. I can’t imagine ever having another name.

In one word how would you describe your music? Yourself?

Fluid. I absolutely love all genres of music. I hope that reflects in my sets. One reason I’ve always enjoyed playing for FRISKY is because nobody has ever told me I CAN’T do something. JunkMail is mainly progressive, tech, and always melodic, but I love to sprinkle in electronica, drum & bass, and trippy glitch stuff when it fits.

How would you sum up 2019 and what does 2020 look like for ‘Riley Bee’?

2019 was a wild ride. Lots of the same old same old, so in proper Riley fashion, I flipped it on its head and did something spontaneous and wild. I left Los Angeles and moved to Vegas. There is a growing underground scene in Vegas that most people wouldn’t believe. So many talented locals playing great music at awesome venues off of the strip. I’m hoping that 2020 puts me right up in the mix with them and gives all my FRISKY fans something to look forward to when they get out here for their inevitable trip to Vegas.

Riley Bee DJ Live

Now for what I like to call “Fun question time”: If you had 3 wishes, what would they be and why?

I’d wish my dogs could talk. I think. Maybe not. I’d probably want to have the means to travel more and work less. And Ooh! It would be pretty cool if we could live inside a VR simulation. Kinda like that movie, Ready Player One. We could always use a little world peace too, huh?

If you were a superhero what would your name be and what powers would your character have?

Isn’t there a meme for this? I’d definitely be able to read minds. I’d probably want to be called Super Brain or something ridiculous. I’d definitely have to be in disguise though, leotard included.

On behalf of FRISKY News, thank you Riley for taking time with me sharing your thoughts. It’s been fun and a true pleasure! Therefore, before we conclude our interview, do you have any final thoughts?

You guys ready to do this?

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