Rich Curtis’ Resolutions gets FRISKY

Lauren Krieger

Rich Curtis brings his dynamic and innovative sound to FRISKY

Rich Curtis wants to make sure every time you listen to his music, it’s an experience to remember. More than just surface level enjoyment, his music is designed to take you into deep explorations of sound. Inspired by the melodic progressive house that originally began his passion for underground electronic music, Rich’s current blend of house and techno continues to push the boundaries to deliver interesting and creative results, in both his finely produced tracks and precisely mixed live sets.

“I like the listener to drop in at the beginning and fall out at the end, having felt that time almost escaped them” – Rich Curtis

His productions have seen releases on labels such as SexOnWax, Sudbeat, Proton, Stripped, Change Audio and many other distinguished labels, spreading Rich’s distinct sound to clubs and festivals around the globe. With frequent tours of Latin America, top festival appearances, and warm ups for some of the biggest names in the industry, Rich has gained the respect and admiration of electronic music fans and peers alike. He hasn’t left his home country of Australia out, with his self-created “Ulterior” nights bringing in many international acts to keep the music going for Brisbane and Gold Coast nightclubs.

For those who haven’t had the opportunity to see him live, his Resolutions podcast releases mixes that have continued to impress month after month. Starting December 8th at 9AM EST [convert timezone], Resolutions will be airing exclusively on FRISKY, the home for underground electronic music, where his deep and driven style can be heard every month in the high quality it deserves.

Be sure to tune in to the premiere December 8th at 9AM EST [convert timezone]! In the mean time, check out his fantastic Artist of the Week set to get a feel for what’s to come:

Listen Now: Rich Curtis – Artist of the Week