[Re]Live Get Frisky | ADE2016 in real time

Lauren Krieger

Experience GET FRISKY | ADE 2016 with a huge 12hr [Re]Live special

One of the best parts of ADE is the connections made in person among those who have communicated only through music and the internet, a chance to put a face and a smile to the name and the sound. [Amber Long explained this wonderfully in her ADE Recap] GET FRISKY | ADE2016 exemplified this experience, creating a space for FRISKY DJs and fans to come together, united by their love of underground electronic music. Many DJs got to meet their fellow residents for the first time, getting to know the person behind the music that they have been listening to and appreciating from across the globe.

Of course you can’t forget about the reason everyone is there in the first place: The Music. This year’s ADE lineup featured a variety of artists from the FRISKY & DEEP channels, who intermixed with energy, passion, and love, combining for 12 hours of non stop style and substance.

Get the FRISKY vibes with this inside look:

Video & production by George P. Schnyder: MicroRebels.com
Music: Ingo Vogelmann “Toska”, forthcoming on Cirque Du Son / facebook.com/CirqueDuSon

On Saturday November 19th starting at 10AM EST, you’ll get a chance to feel like you were there too, with a special broadcast of the entire event airing in real time on [Re]Live.

In order of appearance:
Mark Youssef
Samir Kuliev
SR Serge
Paul Hazendonk
Justin Massei
Wild Dark
Just Her
Paul Nolan
Third Son

Tune in for 12 hours of DEEP UNDERGROUND
& get ready for what’s shaping up to be another epic event: GET FRISKY | ADE2017

[Re]Live GET FRISKY | ADE2016