[Re]Live brings the live DJ experience to the radio

Lauren Krieger

TLDR: FRISKY is taking the live DJ experience to the airwaves with the new show [Re]Live.

A DJ’s strengths are put to the test when playing live, a situation where you have to be constantly adapting to every moment, feeling the crowd’s energy and adjusting to the flow on the fly. Blending creativity, awareness, and an innate rhythm, the best live DJs will create a unique experience with each show, bringing in the energy of their surroundings to enhance the sound.

Transmitting those one-of-a-kind nights to listeners everywhere is FRISKY [Re]Live, a new show that will feature the best live sets from FRISKY DJs as they tour across the globe. From intimate clubs to large festivals, [Re]Live will be bringing a wide range of atmospheres and styles to its listeners. You’ll hear music ranging from deep and groovy house to dark and driving techno, always with the quality FRISKY is known for. Tune in to hear the latest tracks and become a part of the evolving trends, as the greatest DJs represent the diverse underground house and techno scenes around the world.

Starting on October 9th at 10PM EST [convert timezone] with Cid Inc, [Re]Live episodes will continue to feature an exceptional list of DJs, including Pole Folder, Riley Warren, John Creamer & Stephen K, and many more.

Tune into [Re]Live!