Redux Saints Represents with Deep Tech Los Angeles

Lauren Krieger

Redux Saints brings the Deep Tech Los Angeles mission to FRISKY with the launch of his new show.

Jason Miller aka Redux Saints is one of those artists who gets involved in the industry with full force, not only adding his own productions and DJ sets to the mix, but going above and beyond to represent and promote others in the community. His work with Deep Tech Los Angeles has been helping move the local scene forward through releases, events, support and more, with future plans to expand their reach even further.

With so much energy and effort extended to the Deep Tech Los Angeles platform, its obvious that Redux Saints’ passion for the music is the motivating factor which keeps him going. This passion can be heard through his own productions; driven by a desire to “bring melody and emotion back to house music”, his in-depth production education and ingrained love for electronic music combines to create a unique blend of ethereal and deep, with a thumping house beat always at the core. Redux Saints releases on Krafted, Toolroom, Visceral, Particles, and other notable labels have placed his tracks and remixes on the decks of some of the biggest names in the industry, and he’s just getting started.

As a DJ, Redux Saints has played legendary venues such as Ministry of Sound and Burning Man festival – while his hometown of Los Angeles still remains one of his favorite places to play. He recently released the compilation album Textures Volume 2 alongside Paul Sawyer, and his FRISKY Artist of the Week set features a massive blend of melodic and techno driven beats mixed with some old-school flair. Give them a listen, and get a taste of what’s to come.

He will be be bringing all of this energy to his show on DEEP, a showcase for the Deep Tech Los Angeles experience. DTLA premieres September 20th @ 7PM EST / 4PM PST [convert timezone] and can be listened to anytime / anywhere after with FRISKY Premium & FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Redux Saints tells us more:

Can you share with us more about Deep Tech Los Angeles, and all that is involved with it?

The Origins of DTLA
The downtown in Los Angeles is undergoing a massive re-development, as with the changes, we also could see a transformation in music being in the club scene. Music clubs started to cater to the demand for the underground sound, even though it been around here for ages.

At around the same time I became a partner with Krafted Music and was responsible with expanding the label in Los Angeles area. Hence, I borrowed the term DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles) and repurposed it as Deep Tech Los Angles.

What DTLA is:
Deep Tech Los Angeles at its soul is a platform for producers/DJs to leverage. It’s a platform is designed to help move forward careers through music releases, events, collaborations and support.

I was able to reach out to several well-known producer/DJ staples in the Los Angles underground scene and pull them together for two very successful Krafted Underground compilations. To me this was important to create grass-roots authentic underground compilations.

For some producers, this was their first release. For others the attraction was a label that actually invested into promoting the music and brand. We established early on listening sessions where producers would sit in a room and bounce feedback and ideas off one another.

Deep Tech Los Angeles Compilations
To date we released two volume compilations that have done very well. DTLA Volume 2 took #1 genre rankings across the board and #7 album over all on Beatport. An accomplish that really spoke to the music and artists involved.

Next compilation DTLA Vol. 3 is going to be released late October or early November. Since were in LA we have the I just got back from Burning man syndrome here so some struggle to get the tracks in for the deadline.

Deep Tech Los Angeles in the Future
We’ve thrown some very successful events in Los Angeles and Orange County area so far. We’ll be expanding outside of LA area to Canada, Holland, UK and other US cities in 2019. Also, beyond excited to be having my FRISKY show be called Deep Tech Los Angeles and look forward to showing the world the sounds from the left coast of the US.

What do you consider to be the most important values of DTLA?

We are super transparent in everything we do, to the point of nauseum. I send emails letting everyone know every update multiple time a week. This practice sets a good tone and usually allows the everyone to develop realistic expectations.

Artist Development
Krafted should be proud on how were helping artists get their music heard. We’ve invested into this platform and continue to find new up and coming artists in the Los Angeles area.

Leave your Ego at the door
At Krafted we don’t put up with egos. If you know Paul Sawyer and/or Darren Braddick, they are just two of the nicest guys on the planet. So that translates into everything Krafted does.

So, the minute we see an ego, is the minute we get rid of it. Everyone I have worked with in LA has been super easy to work with.

I have heard LA called the best underground scene in the US, what are your thoughts?

I think it’s up there and I would have a hard saying that 5 years ago. I believe the states is always a year behind what’s coming out of Europe. So, as we catch up and develop our own sound and it catches on the underground scene thrives. West coast has its intricacies of music as well with a lot of influences from the Dirty Bird and Burning man scene.

With your hands in so many different areas of the industry, is there something that you love most to do?

I love producing music. I’ve been in school for three years straight, some joke I’ve been to every school in the LA area. I think I’m finally coming into my own with Redux Saints and new production project called Placebo eFx that we have our first release September 28th on Krafted Underground.

September and October I have releases coming out on Krafted Underground and Toolroom records.

What has been one of your favorite moments in your career?

Hearing Pete Tong and then Kolsch play of Made By Pete remix of my Boundaries track on BBC radio in 2017.

What do you consider to be the most important elements in the music you create or mix?

Great question, because this has evolved over the past year. As of now, I spend a majority of time whether I’m producing Tech/Deep Tech/Progressive House on the groove. This is really something that I feel listeners lock into the first 15 seconds of a song and know if they will connect. The fine balance between kick drum, percussion, and bass interest you enough to continue listening to the idea of the track.

What type of sound would you like to hear more of, either in your local scene or the industry as a whole?

I really do love progressive house/Melodic Techno, not to be confused with EDM here in the US as it does often. As a producer, using melodic elements speak to me, grab me as a listener and it’s where I’m most creative. It’s interesting that I like to produce melodic tracks but dj tech house and have been trying to combine the two to create my own sound. I love how someone like Yotto combines melodic elements into club ready tracks.

What are you looking forward to with your DTLA show on FRISKY?

I plan use my show to continue to show the world some of the sounds from Los Angeles and well as my music preferences. I hope to reach people across the globe to continue to build long and trusted relationships through common interest of good fucking music.

Boom! Be sure to catch the premiere of Deep Tech Los Angeles on September 20th @ 7PM EST / 4PM PST [convert timezone] or anytime / anywhere after with FRISKY Premium & FRISKY Mobile Apps.

Redux Saints – Deep Tech Los Angeles