Dunes Festival

It’s No Jedi Mind-trick: Get Ready for a Rave Force Reckoning

R.A. Bakr

For any Star Wars enthusiast, we’ve all dreamt of visiting Luke Skywalker’s hometown – Mos Epsa. Yes, that Mos Espa – the one featured in the original Star Wars films. What if I told you yes, it is possible?

Say hello to the Les Dunes Electroniques electronic music festival at Ong Jmal in Nefta, Tunisia.

Tatooine will once again be the site of pivotal events in galactic history as the Les Dunes Electroniques festival inches closer. Following a three-year break, Les Dunes Electroniques celebrates Episode III and is still hailed as one of the best underground 30-hour dance rave secrets. And this summer, festival goers and international DJs will answer (yet again) that Jedi calling and make the trip to planet Tatooine.

Aside from Star Wars homage, the festival consists of some of North Africa’s spectacular natural scenic backdrops along with two stages hosting 30 of some of the finest underground electronic music acts.

Les Dunes Electroniques first “episode” was held in February 2014. More than 7,000 enthusiasts heard the Jedi calling of electronic rhythms, transforming the festival into true music harmony.

In partnership with Traveltodo & Traveltodo Ticket, Les Dunes Electroniques is altering Tunisia’s global underground presence putting it on the festival GPS.


The festival is backed with support of the Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts of the Republic of Tunisia and the Governorate of Tozeur and set to run from September 21 – 22. The lineup will be announced closer to festival time. For tickets, hotel and transportation pack inquiries visit here.

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Photos courtesy of traveltodoticket.com.