Quick Spin XL with Ingo Vogelmann

Lauren Krieger

Ingo Vogelmann goes above and beyond, maintaining a busy DJ schedule alongside running a mastering studio, heading a record label, producing music, and hosting 3 FRISKY shows. So why wouldn’t he go above and beyond on his Quick Spin too? Ingo takes us deep into his psyche with this XL Edition of Quick Spin:

What did you have for breakfast today?
I’m not that much of a breakfast guy. I’m a morning grouch and need silence, my cigarettes and coffee before anything else. In 9 from 10 cases I can’t eat within the first 2 hours. But then I like scrambled eggs with bacon and 2 slices of good bread … I mean like whole grain, fresh and warm. A few olives on the side are nice. That’s a perfect breakfast for me. When I lived in Spain I had 2 olive trees in my garden, so I had fresh olives directly from the tree every morning. And oranges!

Tell us something that no one knows about you.
There are a few things, but I like to keep it that way. 🙂

If there was a Music Hell, what track do you think belongs there and deserves to die a horrible fiery painful death?
“Wind Of Change” by the Scorpions. I absolutely hate whistling in music. I can’t even stand people outside or in a hallway whistling. I ask them to stop.

4×4 or 808?
Music always first, so 808.

If your life were a game, what would it be called?
It IS a game! It’s called “Dancer On Thin Ice”. I believe we’re all just performers on a big stage, and then there are some that made it into the audience seats. They’re amused watching what we do, waiting for us until we’re ready for the other side of the game.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Oh, I like both, but would prefer Fro-yo.

Sunrise or Sunset?
Definitely Sunrise. I like the ‘untouched’ vibes when the sun comes out, fresh dew is on the grass and leaves, and life slowly starts. It’s like a fresh start after reset.

What do you like to listen to, besides music?
I can listen to the ocean or a river for ever. And besides music I totally enjoy complete silence. In fact, I have to listen to so much stuff that I’m happy when I don’t have to. I hate crowded places with too many people or traffic. Noise is all around, almost everywhere and always, and I’m extremely sensitive to that. May sound weird, because on gigs everything is super loud, but that’s different.

What’s your favorite animal?
Probably a Wolf. I also like bears and all those mammals that freely roam around and socialize when they want.

What’s your favorite kind of tree?
I like coniferous forests and their density. It’s amazing when you stand in the middle of a forest like that, around noon when the sun is up high and it’s totally bright, but inside that dense forest it’s totally dark, silent and peaceful. I also love the Mediterranean pine trees.

If you could travel through time, when & where would you go to?
I’d love to go to Southern France or Northern Spain around 400 A.C., and to my birthplace — Essen, Germany — in 50 years from now (which I will most probably not see during my lifetime).

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