Quick Spin with Nurkan

Lauren Krieger

Nurkan’s popular FRISKY show Miraj is filled with beautifully flowing chill out and downtempo grooves, bringing a wide atmospheric range to the CHILL station every month. We recently caught up with Nurkan to learn more about the scene in Kazakhstan, but I figured it was time to dig in deep with the real questions:


What’s your favorite kind of tree?
Red Pine. We have very beautiful nature. Especially I want to highlight Burabay National Park, which is located in the north of the country. And in this National Park there are beautiful mountains and forests with red pines.

Coffee or Tea?
Definitely tea. Kazakhs are very fond of tea. We can drink hot tea even in the heat + 35’C 🙂

If you could be transported anywhere on the planet right now, where would you go?
To Iceland. I wanna visit this country for a long time. To see their national parks and take some pictures.

Where is your favorite place to relax?
In mountains and on coasts. In mountains you can stay in silence, away from the urban hustle and bustle. And on coasts I love to get my feet wet and listen to the waves.

If you could be a character in any movie, which would you be?
David Rice from the “Jumper”. I would like to have the ability to teleport like him.

Listen to Nurkan’s excellent FRISKY Loves Kazakhstan mix!

Listen Now: Nurkan – FRISKY Loves Kazahkstan

Quick Spin