Quick Spin with Neftali Blasko

Lauren Krieger

Neftali Blasko’s distinct and creative style makes Deep District a must listen every episode. Ranging from dark techno to uplifting house, he keeps the audience intrigued from start to finish with stylish beats and driving vibes. Before tuning into the next episode airing today (Sep 9th) at 6PM EST [convert timezone] learn more about what makes Neftali groove:

If you could be a character in any movie, which would you be?
Probably ‘Forrest’ from Forrest Gump, I identify myself with this character because the way he is nice, kind and gentle.

Tell us something that no one knows about you.
In the past I practiced Skateboarding for so long, I appear in a local magazine and entered into some contests.

If you could travel through space, where would you go?
To the moon, is the nearest place from the Earth.

What’s your favorite kind of tree?
The pine, reminds me some of the places I like most. The Forest.

Where is your favorite place to relax?
My studio, I spent so many hours in there, but apart from that is the only place where can I sit it and forget everything, only the music is on my mind when I’m there.

Be sure to tune in to Deep District today! In the mean time, listen to his latest set, recorded live at Kuklos Vip in Formosa, Argentina:

Listen Now: Neftali Blasko – Deep District

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