Quick Spin with Midnight Traffic


Rishi aka Midnight Traffic delivered a floor smashing guest mix duties for sLickCast for last month’s edition. The set from the very beginning packed powerful punches with smooth transitions that you just could not stop moving your body to the grooves.

We got together to talk about the concerning trends in the dance music scene at present time, and instead ended up with what looks like a first draft of SNL script. 😀 😀

First and foremost how did you come up with the name “Midnight Traffic”?
It’s actually a funny story, just when I was starting off my career my manager and childhood friend booked me for a gig at a small club. Back then I played as ‘DJ Rishi’ before my set we were standing outside scratching our heads over what my stage name should be. We looked across the parking lot and noticed the whole road had a massive traffic jam.
At the end of the gig as we were driving out, my manager turned to me and said “Look at this f*****g traffic at midnight”. One thing led to another and we came up with the name ‘Midnight Traffic’.

If you could be transported anywhere on the planet right now, where would you go?
I’ve never been to America so would probably want to visit there before it gets Donald Trumped.

Where is your favourite place to relax?
To be very honest, my couch.

If you were not in the music industry, what/where would you be?
I’d be a mechanic. I’m generally very fascinated with machines of any kind. I have OCD when it comes to appliances/machines not working.

What’s your favourite movie/TV show?
My favourite movie is Shawshank redemption and recently I saw HBO’s ‘The Night Of’ which was brilliant.

Playing DJ set through sunset or sunrise?
Definitely sunrise, you know the kind of people you’ll see on the floor at sunrise and it’s always a joy playing for them.

Your favourite but embarrassing song in your i-pod that you don’t want the world to know?
I really wanted to act like I didn’t see this question and send you all the other answers!
But if I have to say…… Eminem & Rihanna – Love the way you lie.

Listen to his sLickCast set now:


Quick Spin