Quick Spin with Justin Massei


The consciousness comes into existence only when you are aware and awake and that’s exactly what Justine Massei is trying to achieve through his show. His debut show has already gathered enough momentum to carry on for sometime to come. It is difficult to categorize his music style in just one genre, it talks to you on so many levels, and it is only after talking to him that we understood how he is trying to shatter the conventional and rise above to higher consciousness through his music.

While he was preparing himself for the next release on Power Plant Records on 6th June, we got together to talk about some serious life altering questions. 🙂

Where is your favourite place to relax?
In Berlin, it has to be the Tiergarten. I guess it could be compared to the ‘Central Park’ of Berlin, but it’s so big that you can forget there is a crazy city surrounding you. I like to take a relaxed bike ride through, try getting lost through all the paths, and see where I come out.

If you could be a character in any movie, which would you be?
V (for Vendetta), a Boondock Saint, or the Punisher. I am not really a violent person, but I have an issue with authority and the vigilante idea has always fascinated me. On a lighter note, Bastian from ‘The NeverEnding Story’ because it’s my favourite movie of all time.

Sunrise or Sunset?
This has changed through different periods of my life, but at the moment, Sunrise. There is a special energy in the hours surrounding a sunrise. The air if fresh, the world is quiet, and it is easier to be still for a moment.

What’s your favourite season?
Summer, Summer, Summertime.

Ice cream or frozen yogurt?
Cookie dough, chocolate chip ice cream all day. It is all that I’ve ordered for the last 20 years.

What’s your favourite animal?
The flying dog from “The NeverEnding Story”.


Here is the cool artwork of his new release on Power Plant Records!


Listen to his debut show now!

The War on Consciousness


Quick Spin